One Planet, One Man, One Direction

Michael Rada
3 min readDec 24, 2019

Four years ago when for the first time INDUSTRY 5.0 related article was published, I did not know the impact of this name would be so big.

But it is and the biggest is yet to come in 2020

More and More frequently I am watching GIANTS from all over the world damaging the planet in a hunt for more, covering their own inaction in the words and resolution of action to come later. 2035, 2050 and even 2100 are dates that sound impressive, but in fact, mean just excuse for own fail.

Governments and Politicians speak only about own region or country, moving troubles away from them without considering the problem will be bigger if just moved to another location.

What is completely missing is the global approach.

Organizations like the UN failed

EU commission failed

Local governments fail to fulfill the protection and development function. It looks like the autocratic regimes are the only ones who are able to lead the nation, but in fact, they build its fame on disinformation about its own success.

The Planet reminds me of an open wound. The medical staff consisting of politicians and advisors seems to be too busy to act, watching the patient slowly die, writing a report about the illness and process, but took no action to change the bad state.

It looks like the only ONE DIRECTION is the ONE DIRECTION and even these boys get apart and run individual careers instead of group one.

There are no true LEADERS. It seems like no one is ready to step out and take responsibility for the only home we have. Where are the heroes we see on the screens? Where are the Heroins we watch online? Where are all who come after the milk is spilled shouting MILK IS SPILLED?

In the history of mankind, there has been just a few who reunite larger pool than own supporters and even less who did it not with own money, but with own example.

I do believe there are HUMAN BEINGS who have all the power and courage to step out of the crowd, forget the limits and overlook the personal danger having one and only aim.

And if there would be none, I will step out and say HERE I AM. My name is Michael Rada. Join me. I do nothing more than creating the wasteless world. I do it with my hands, I do it with my words. I do it with the action which I report after the work is done.

I do not promise easy gain or shortcut to the future

I deliver the future and it is YOU whom I speak to, for alone I have started despite the enemies, but I am not alone anymore. There are many who decides to PREVENT WASTE HAPPEN and they do.

I created the INDUSTRY 5.0 to be the industry of the WASTELESS WORLD. The industry that delivers profits but no damage to the environment, society, and lives. I am the father of INDUSTRY 5.0 and do not let anyone take my child hostage because of own profit.

My name is MICHAEL RADA what is YOURS?



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0