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MASS LAYOFFS are the cruelty-free killing of a meaningful life


How do these two act together

SWT stops the legal killing of meaningful lives.

More than 100.000 people have been laid off in the last months of 2022. Instead of looking for protection or a solution decided governments ignore this development same as investors who frequently heavily invested in UNICORNS, STARTUPS, and COMPANIES to collect red numbers instead of black ones.

The legal gaps are utilized by more and more companies and individuals who just follow the example delivered by the governments and politicians. Even highly prestigious companies and individuals implemented crime and lie as sales tools to increase their own profitability

In the middle of January DAVOS 2023 took place, for the first time without extensive marketing support, in fact, just 2 days before beginning almost nobody knows it will take place again.

Some people celebrate their invitation like the sustainability manager of Google, while others remain silent.

The list of companies that joined WEF is long and many of them adopted laid-off strategy as a process of “healing”

It is interesting that those who cost companies the most, almost never leave first and if they do so, they are equipped with golden parachutes.

What is the same is the fact that the decision does not take place from one day to another and the steps are known ahead. This means, that if the information is available the market can prepare and adopt those who have to leave an employer who does not need them anymore.

This is not the case, because employers do not look for solutions, but cost reduction and layoffs are the simplest way how to cut costs down as shown by the new owner of TWITTER, or the old owner of AMAZON so as many others.

and one week later following article and statement show up

The mass layoffs will continue until the companies and corporations change their modus operandi and that will take a long because GIANTS are so slow in all the movements. The same happens with politics and politicians, so the only force that can deliver the change is the HUMANS, who adopt SWT and instead of accepting all in silence, they will communicate, breaking one silo after the next one creating the force of change



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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