Michael Rada
4 min readApr 10, 2024

We are living in times of normalization

Everything has its NORM

  • The chair you sit in
  • The table you sit at
  • The screen you look at
  • You window, door, even the lock
  • The font you write

Everything man-made in the last 50 years has its norm, even the year that so nicely fits in the calendar made according to the norm

Even the norm has its norm

According to the English Wikipedia

Normalization or normalisation refers to a process that makes something more normal or regular

It is so interesting to compare the meaning with the definition in Czech Wikipedia

Normalization in Czechoslovak history is the period since the violent suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968 by the armies of the Warsaw Pact.

It seems that the bible of NORMS called WIKIPEDIA, does not follow the NORM and offers in different language sets, very different explanation

This may be the reason why even after more than 8 years of existence INDUSTRY 5.0 article is not present in any of the languages because it represents in every single one the same SYSTEMATIC WASTE PREVENTION and at the same time has so many different faces. Even the WASTELESS LEGAL FRAMEWORK was rejected same as INDUSTRY 5.0 DEFINITION.

The same as the five types of waste recognized by INDUSTRY 5.0

Or the name of INDUSTRY 5.0 Founder

Coming back to the English definition NORMALIZATION makes NORMAL more NORMAL

There is one little thing that was not normalized


It simply ignores the good intentions of normalization and does what it has done for millions of years, EXISTS, EVOLVE, and CHANGE every single day

The GIANTS love NORMS the same they love UNIFORMS

NORMALIZATION is UNIFORMATION of all and everything

Starting from Birth, over to Education, Employment up to Death

All should run according to NORMS

From conception to the coffin

The topic was so strong that it woke me up on Saturday, one day before according to the norm the year 2023 ends giving the place for 2024.

It was so strong that it will become the topic of POWER OF TOUCH and the WASTELESS WORLD TALKS 12 days later

It is interesting to see that since the norms exist, the longevity and endurance of many products and solutions ended, making the life of a product match the EXPIRATION DAY.

The norms fuel the re-production of things

It fuels the HUNTING FOR MORE policy

According to the norms, should be outside of my window winter, and snow, instead of temperatures below ZERO °C, already in the morning there is 8°C and the sun is shining with such pleasure that the first flowers wake up from winter sleep that visited my city in the heart of Europe just for seven days.

Despite the trials to NORMALIZE INDUSTRY 5.0, it was not normalized. It used tools and delivered results, but without the norms limiting its abilities. Instead of the norm, adaptability is in place following the 6R methodology

The 6R CUBE, easy to cut out, produce, and use

Not normalized, not perfect, just useful and wasteless a tool that everyone will understand

Looking forward to the moment when NORMALIZATION becomes abnormal and a sign of failure, the same as uniforms implemented to control those who wear them by those who do not have to.

The WAR is not a place where GENERALS are being killed on the front, because the norm says they manage it from the back offices and headquarters far away from the place where the uniformed nameless slaves are being killed at a speed known from the norms in slaughterhouses

Think about it before being asked to take your uniform on

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free of all uniforms, be HUMAN

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0