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Regular readers and followers of my journey will remember to see this image and the sentence in one of my posts posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

I posted a series of posts related to the behavior of the INDUSTRY 5.0 ROLE MODEL and its comparison to human or industrial behavior.

This mushroom is beautiful, but not edible and despite that squirrels, bugs and birds enjoy its taste.

NATURE DOES NOT WASTE and one of the reasons may be that NATURE DOES NOT PLAN

Would this be applicable to business?

The obvious answer is NO because we are being taught that business is about planning and more plan and more, it looks like Execution is not as important as planning.

If so, how is it possible that NATURE is here for much longer than humans and any human-made business, and why it does not generate waste when human businesses incorporate waste as one of the standards?

The reason may be hidden in the detail

Why INDUSTRIES do generate more and more waste despite all the time and money spent with and on planning?

The answer is hidden in the question.

Have you found it?

It is the PLURAL

PLURAL which represents the existence of SILOS, many, many SILOS created to …


What the silos have been and are being created for?

  • To lose responsibility for an issue
  • To increase personal profit
  • To create more jobs without added value
  • To create dependency on money
  • To fuel the monetary system
  • To fuel consumption

Before WWII it was not common to purchase parts and components for own production from overseas and even locally very few items have been purchased. Instead of buying it outside, the companies have their own departments or sections that produce the parts on-site and on demand. There was no BUFFER on BUFFER on BUFFER as seen today in the case of supply chains. Everyone protects their own interests, by creating a buffer.

To store a buffer packaging is needed and at the moment many companies face a shortage of packaging units because all boxes allocated for the project are occupied and no new boxes are available. This did not happen before because all were in the same hands and produced in harmony in line with actual real needs. Companies and all departments work without silos knowing well that other man problems, will be their own soon.

The true reason why nature does not need planning is that it is one entity, with no silos, no borders, no shareholders, just stakeholders, without the need to call them so.

The “fruits of the woods” are consumed by all, what remains will feed the ground and serve as fertilizer supporting new to grow and old to remain healthy.

NATURE does not “store” the old ones in senior houses, but utilizes its existence to share with the young.

NATURE does not consume space, to use it just for a few hours a day, blocking it for the rest

NATURE does not search for what it may get, but utilize what it already has

NATURE does not waste time, but it represents the time being part of it




Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free




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