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4 min readOct 26, 2020


Since the beginning of human existence utilizes the man resources available. Not just the stone was thrown or was used to build a wall, but it was broken and sharpened to cut.

From the very beginning, humans reused it, again and again, learning from nature doing the same.

Thousands of years later he founds a world for this process and starts to call it RECYCLING.

Decades later WASTE INDUSTRY adopt the word and make from it the most profitable business in the world turning it into the very opposite, turning TREASURE TO TRASH.

They did on purpose. Not the clean world, but the world landfill becomes the aim of existence. More waste, More profit, the only mantra that sounds.

Turning good into evil is the way

Governments, Organizations, Individuals follow the original, doing the very opposite instead, generating more waste instead of less without recognizing what they are doing.

Try to ask in your office, in the school, on the streets, conference or next protests WHO IS RECYCLING? Many hands rise up, being proud they RECYCLE, but in fact, all of them lie, for they do not recycle, just SORT and sorting is just the beginning of recycling.

You see the same on social networks where every single day sorting technology or compressing technology is being presented as RECYCLING. YOu can see it on national and international conferences where a percentage close to a hundred is called NATIONAL RECYCLING RATIO, but once again it does not show how much is being recycled, but how much is sorted.

If you go deeper and deeper, following the topic you find out that the same countries truly RECYCLE 3–5% of the sorted and the rest is being just sold to other countries to do the work.

If this would not be the case nobody would suffer from the Chinese ban on the plastics waste import, followed by many other categories of material.

In every INDUSTRY 5.0 and SYSTEMATIC WASTE PREVENTION project, we start with naming the reality with the right words, delivering true image and content. WAKE UP CALL, this is one of the ways, SHOCK which leaves the audience speechless and breathless for a moment before generating the perfect storm of interest.

WASTE INDUSTRY turns TREASURE to TRASH, before turning TRASH TO TREASURE for the very first time in human existence.

INDUSTRY 5.0 prevents trash happen and this is why TREASURE does not have to lose its value before being used and utilized again.

The process does not need to generate waste, in fact, it does not generate waste just production surplus instead and this can be utilized as surplus, without being place in a location dedicated to waste storage.

There is a line which divides product from waste, the edge of the garbage container.

The true decision starts in our minds, not anywhere else

I told that in 2015 and my message have seen already more than 45.000 people all around the globe and you can be the next one

92 seconds that can change your life so as the future of the world if the knowledge delivered to all.

Since 2013, I am delivering results and knowledge by naming all with the right name, showing the images of the world without pink filters. I leave many speechless behind but help them to take a deep breath again and to change from one minute to another, because not the investment, but the mindset decides in which direction our steps will continue.

I am not waiting for what the future will deliver, I build the future and even this article is written on Sunday, October 4th, 2020 to be published on Monday, October 26, 2020, not because I would like to jump in one day of the future, but because I fill already all working days between same as I was able to do in my Czech daily blog, with one difference, I was not 22, but 365 days ahead in my Czech blog.

It is important to NAME IT RIGHT, no matter how it will hurt, only so our mindset will change.



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0