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6 min readSep 15, 2021

In the six years for which I use the name INDUSTRY 5.0 which become content with my acting, I am facing time to time a situation in which someone tells me what I did wrong, what I should change, and how I should behave.

The last person who does that was an academics working for an education institute associated with the largest carmaker in my country. He asked me to deliver a SUSTAINABLE WORKSHOP for the employees of the car making factory and after I send him my 2020 keynote as an indication, he asked to stick with standard, because the workers will not understand.

Here is the keynote sent

I explained to him that I will do the changes, but at the same time, I will keep the WAKE-UP CALL part of the workshop and presentation because without it the impact will not be there, which he agreed with.

After a month of development, I have sent him the result in the Czech language and he rejected it, with the explanation that, this is not the standard.

Few days after his rejection I have delivered the next keynote to the audience in India and worldwide at the biggest Indian online industrial conference. The result collected one week later was the largest number of views in more than a decade on LINKEDIN. More than 200.000 people saw the message in less than 72 hours' time and the number keeps growing. The organizer invited me because he has seen the impact of a similar speech I made one year earlier when one speech started the AGE OF INDUSTRY 5.0 in INDIA.

Many times I was told to follow the rules as all others do after the speakers ignore the fact that the changes achieved are the result of a different approach in which wrong habits have to be knocked down to make place for new ways to deliver results.

The same people who asked me to change, stay in the system, benefit from the system, and in fact, they profit from being part. This fact makes it clear why they prefer to follow the rules of giants set long time ago because it is easy for them to be part of the stream without the true personal responsibility for the result (if any delivered).

If I and INDUSTRY 5.0 follow the existing habits, it will be the next toothless dog shouting behind the fence at everyone passing by. Bigger the audience louder the bark, repeated again and again and again and again, all the time the same because it works, it delivers fear and frustration for the moment passing by to be forgotten the very next one.

In the middle of 2019, I have published the following article

that describes the same and shares it with many including Greta Thunberg, FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE, EXTENTION REBELLION, sir David Attenborough, Prince William, and many others including the experts of CIRCULAR ECONOMY led by Ellen MacArthur and her foundation.

Not a single reply, and instead of that two more years in which the same words are being repeated again and again without delivering result different than the next possibility to speak the same words on different place winning funding for the next speech on different place winning funding for the …

Several times I was asked to stop writing and speaking differently than the others receiving threads in many forms eliminating me, INDUSTRY 5.0 ORIGIN, and my words and results from the world. It seems like the speakers did not realize that the reason why they thread me and ask the stop is the fact that all I do works and can be touched and shared without any limitation.

One by one people are changing deliver the changed mindset in their own workplaces, influencing others by their own example

I am the Founder, I am the one who set up the rules so different than the existing ones, rules which everyone does understand ad can follow without limitations and legal restrictions.


Many make their choice already and don´t deserve it

I am not a dictator, king, nobody should call me his excellence or president, people even refuse to use the title from my business card, so they call me by name and I do call them.

I do set up the rules, watch them being applied and correct them if not suitable, but I don´t make them obsolete just because the core business of someone is to make new rules and the next one and next and next.

I am not a policymaker or a rule maker, I am not being paid to deliver rules favorite the one who pays me. I need eight years to develop the WASTE PREVENTION LEGISLATION, collecting word by word to make it understandable for all.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is my industry, it is my child and it is me who carries it for two years before delivery. I am the one who delivers it to my office and I am the one who fills the Birth Certificate and takes care every single day from the moment of delivery to stay connected with the planet, nature, and people, not to be stolen, damaged, or killed by those who still remain at power.

I don't fear the GIANTS, nor does INDUSTRY 5.0. We don't play their rules but set up our own, rules free of vulnerability, free interpretation, and interest of the rich minority. The majority unify on the construction site of the WASTELESS WORLD because we have only one aim to which everyone can contribute by his or her skills.

The rules must serve people, not the rule makers and this is why I say again MY INDUSTRY, MY RULES, YOUR CHOICE

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0