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3 min readFeb 28, 2024

There is a thin barrier between LIFE and DEATH

It can be as thin as a sheet of paper, but it can withhold the armies of the world as well.

The image above was taken during the first mass shooting at a university in the Czech Republic that took place on December 21, 2023. Not only first, but at the same time one of the biggest globally.

It was taken by a professor who was with his students in the class and after hearing shots they barricaded the door to make the entry for the shooter hard. All survived.

Many of the students can send messages to their parents. Messages that can be the last ones in their lives and the parent's reply


When I saw it I realized the instruction seemed to incorporate something that needed to be expressed and this is how this chapter was born

LIE DOWN can be interpreted not only as GO TO GROUND but as KEEP LIEING or STOP LIEING at the same time

The only needed “component” is not to be the native speaker

How can this happen? I will ask if not a native speaker of the Czech language which is full of similar “multidimensional” expressions that let the writer or speaker deliver content that needs to be read twice or more times to be understood right

This text was written on the night of the shooting, eight hours before this line you just read was written.

I am sure readers who do not speak Czech, can use some of the advanced translation tools to read it, at the same I am sure the translation does not deliver the same understanding as if you read the original.

I remember well my time as a Guide on a Medieval castle in the Czech Republic. Living on the castle in one small room I started every tour with the term MY HOME, MY CASTLE, and people laugh.

I remember one very special group that I was honored to guide through the caste and need triple the standard time than for usual groups. The group that came on that day was the group of the FRIENDS OF CZECH LANGUAGE. People from all around the world started for different reasons to learn the Czech language. Some of them did because they would like to read books from KAREL ČAPEK, JAROSLAV HAŠEK, BOHUMIL HRABAL, and many more, in original. Others because of their family roots or the love for the culture, music, and much more. All try to understand through the language of the soul of a small nation living in the Heart of Europe.

What if we put all the LIES DOWN once and forever?

We do not need lies to live, lies need us to survive

If no lies, no thieves, no mistrust, no killing discovering the lie

If no lies, the money wasted would not be wasted anymore same as the time, money, and lives

It is worth doing, so try it and apply

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe, free and DO NOT LIE

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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