Just numbers?

Michael Rada
4 min readDec 16, 2020


267.228 this is the number of four INDUSTRY 5.0 keynotes post sum together. It does not represent more, than just a fact that if the theme or topic is interesting, people will find it.

In indicates more

The interest is growing from one keynote to the next one. From one day to another and the reason is simple. Everyone would like to know what will come, what will influence her or his job, business, life and this are what INDUSTRY 5.0 does. It simply changes the common.

Different from COVID-19, it did not kill and take people from the schools. It did not close businesses. It did not cost money. It did the very opposite and this is why it was named by some POST-PANDEMIC RECOVERY TOOL.

INDUSTRY 5.0 open the minds and break old habits in turning old experience into the ground stone for the new one. Utilizing existing, utilizing the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES means utilizing generated knowledge, not just material or products.

  • INDUSTRY 5.0 open new schools when the old one are closed
  • INDUSTRY 5.0 improve human life, giving back humanity and meaningfulness
  • INDUSTRY 5.0 finds profit where cost seems to be the only transaction
  • INDUSTRY 5.0 gives new meaning to old skills and names
  • INDUSTRY 50 is the first industrial evolution ever led by man (HUMAN)

This is what makes it different.

It is so different and complex that there would be no segment or industry which will not be influenced by the principles of systematic waste and wasting prevention and this is what makes me happy.

The image in the header indicates just a small part of the route map. It indicates the steps and keynotes that would be delivered by the end of the year 2020, with one and only aim, to start from the very first day of the new year with global transformation having many prepared and ready to realize the work.

I am writing these words on November 23rd, the same day in which (in one hour from now) the next keynote on the list would be published online. AUTOMOTIVE IN THE AGE OF INDUSTRY 5.0. Selected by voters during the online poll.

I like numbers, not because of the value they represent, but esthetic.

At the same time like to play and watch the numbers because they can indicate the direction of the wind of change. When I started to use and utilize LINKEDIN as a business tool, my post gathers a few views, I do remember well the first ONE HUNDRED and ONE THOUSAND nine years later. In current days 30.000 views gathered in a single day and it is not all. It seems to me that a million would not be unrealistic till the end of the year.

When I was born, I lived with my family in a small town with 2.000 people, for the last 22 years I live in the fourth biggest city (according to a number of people) in Czechia. The city of Plzen has (2020) 172.441 people living inside. At the same time, the capital Prague register 1.308.632 people.

If I transfer these numbers in my writing and work It seems like from a village I create capital cities as a home to all, no matter where they live.

This map indicates the countries where users learned already about the existence of INDUSTRY 5.0. There are a few missing, but even those will be able to benefit from the change especially if we stop the systematic wasting of 75% of global crop and deliver this to those on the white spots, where hunger is still more serious trouble than lack of wifi connection.

Age is just a number, so sound the words of a man who will be 49 in eight days from the day of publishing the article. Numbers are just Numbers. But if we do not speak just numbers we can see the beauty of the shape.

INDUSTRY 5.0 contains two numbers. The first one is the same as the number of fingers on a healthy human hand. The second indicates the value which he or she finds in a cradle and would be able to take with at the end of life. Together they represent the complexity which, if understood right, changes the world turning it from wasteful to wasteless making life meaningful again.

Play and enjoy the numbers, but don´t let the numbers to play the game of life with you.

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0