Michael Rada
4 min readAug 9, 2021

Just one day after finishing and uploading online the last of my articles named FREE DIGITAL! DIGITAL FREE? the new welcome page shows up instead of my LINKEDIN PROFILE.

What is interesting is that my article was not published yet, the publication should take place in 3 months' time, but I promote its existence already within my LINKEDIN network, using just the name.

It is not the first time, in fact almost exactly 6 months ago the same happens, on December 18, 2020, just six days before my 49th birthday. Seems like someone hurry up to be the first with present and to be honest it spoiled my day not knowing exactly what to do.

The account was recovered and restored 14 hours later after providing all information, including the driving license scan, to the company, that respects GDPR and users' privacy.

LINKEDIN was never for me the HR tool. It did not help me when I was searching for a job, or for employees. It is a communication tool for me and looking at the intro page, that change after submitting my ID, I did right

because the connection with people who can help and learning and teaching new skills counts to actions that should be done.

I did it.

Maybe with a frequency that was not expected from one user with a free account. One by one I am reaching the LINKEDIN limits and one by one learn how to work within the fences that should turn FREEDOM of expression and act into a one-way street.

In the article mentioned at the beginning, I point out the risk of addiction to DIGITAL. The risk is not digital itself, but the fact that someone else has the switch to your life, memories, work, and much more.

If HE, SHE, or IT does not sleep or feel well and your account is at the wrong time on the wrong site, it will be put from “1” state to “0” state with just one and a single movement of the fingers.

The big switch, new HOLY GRAIL for the world is in the hands of the wrong people. Elon Musk´s tweets shake up the cryptocurrencies up and down leaving behind the limits and limitations once given to WORLD BANKS, KINGS, and QUEENS.

It is enough to be named the world richest and you play the world leader's role without evaluation if the role fits the person and he or she has the ability and responsibility to decide about the life and death of millions.

At the moment of writing these lines is my LINKEDIN account still out of order. someone else is having the switch. The possibility to communicate with 55 INDUSTRY 5.0 ambassadors in 55 countries is limited, but not impossible because from the beginning I decided to decentralize the work same as the nature does and teaches.

Every INDUSTRY 5.0 ambassador is a seed, some already grow into a tree, others are small, but all ready to grow and live in line with the principles defined in INDUSTRY 5.0 DECATHON which is the same for all

I am not sure how the MASTERS OF THE SWITCH see the world. For me, it is my HOME

and I ask all


I do not give up, my word can be touched by my hands and digital is just a tool that serves the purpose. Digital is one of the EXISTING RESOURCES or ON-THE-GROUND-MINES and there is no reason why not to use it.

Build more with your hands, only so your heritage would be worth a touch

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. the restriction applied to my account was removed one day later and after investigating I get a reply from RONALD, who works at the Claim department in LINKEDIN SUPPORT. He answers me that the following comments have been rated inappropriiate

P.P.S. Just three days later on FACEBOOK, I received the similar message with the explanation that the following comment is inappropriate as well



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0