I have a bowl in my WorkPlace. It is not the SUPERBOWL trophy, but much more. It delivers to me day by day the nutrition for my work.

It is one of several million produced for IKEA. Black, Uniform, like many mass-produced products and it serves its purpose, food delivery.

No matter what is being served, it serves good.

The visitors of my WorkPlace love the bowl for it delivers food they did not expect, in quality, they never expect in a simple room filled with ideas and treasures which help to build a wasteless world.



is it really true?

What if it does not reflect the reality?

What if the hungry ones can be fed by crop which does not end in processing or on the plates, but on a landfill?

What if the BUSINESSMAN becomes HUMAN by waking up?

What if we match the consumption with production instead of producing with the assurance it would be sold? Who cares if consumed or not?

What if 20 pieces of bread will be produced for 20 consumers and not 100, with 80 thrown away? What if we learn to plan again for tomorrow, not 6 months? What if we start to speak together like HUMAN to HUMAN instead of doing business for business?

What if all of us have our BOWL?

Not two, not three, not million, just one

Not to bag with it, but to put inside the food we made from the crop that is available.

What would the LEADERS OF THE WORLD do? What would the world organizations do if the shortage will disappear?

I am not talking COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM, or any other “ISM” I am talking about systematic waste prevention, I am talking INDUSTRY 5.0, INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING, 6R, L.E.D., I am talking tools that exist with people that exists about future that will exist if we decide to change.

I am sharing my bowl with others, not because it is always full, but because I know how hard it is to fill it just by the work of my hands. and some need the food more than me, no matter how rich they are.

I hope next time you will remember the same.

Michael Rada



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