ISWA does not want you to know

Michael Rada
2 min readAug 18, 2020

INTERNATIONAL SOLID WASTE ASSOCIATION, is the global organization who assigned a few years ago president, who worked before on WASTELESS FUTURE but dropped his target already.

The reason why I am writing about ISWA is simple. I just remembered the president´s name and checked in his profile and on his original website what is the progress he achieved.

The image I saw reminds me of so many others who fail

I am sure it was not easy before, but he was able to face the waste industry and did well until he got a job offered by the enemy and he accepted. In 2016 Antonis become the President of ISWA. The well-honored position with a busy program to share the waste industry vision. Vision, which is far away from wasteless.

I don’t blame him, I’m just sorry

Everybody has his or her price and it is so easy to offer the right one in exchange for a better life.

Some look for more money, the other for friends, family, happiness, cars, there are so many sweet rewards to choose from.

Trouble-free life in exchange for silence

This is why you hear me day by day, read my words for it is not easy to buy a man who does not aim money and fortune but has one and only aim WASTELESS WORLD.

I have a message for #ISWA and hope it will reach not only the organization but the president as well

What is the message ISWA does not want you to know?



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