Michael Rada
3 min readMay 12, 2020

At the end of March 2020, I have dedicated one of my articles to the new INDUSTRY 5.0 tool developed for the global expansion of INDUSTRY 5.0 and systematic waste prevention.

The tool is an application that serves to identify the value of wasting before the wasting happens, same as INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING it is a tool of systematic waste prevention and it is part of the first industrial evolution ever lead by man (HUMAN) which was given the name of INDUSTRY 5.0

YOu may ask what does INDUSTRY 5.0 VAULT AR app does different, or how does it work.

So first of all, the app was not delivered without a direct connection to the industrial environment, on the contrary. It has been developed upon my direct order after collecting five years of systematic waste prevention projects implementation.

The aim is not to visualize the existing, but the not existing

To materialize the value of production surplus generated in every single factory and in most companies and organizations.

It is not a tool for valuation of waste, but the valuation of waste prevention. It helps to change the mindset of delivering a clear and understandable message that preventing waste happen is much more cost-effective than waste management. Once waste, it is too late.

INDUSTRY 5.0 VAULT AR is just one part of the whole picture, without the connection to the whole INDUSTRY 5.0 environment, it will be a nice toy, but integrated into the INDUSTRY 5.0 and in a business policy it becomes power tool which is able to turn cost centers into profit centers and environmental damage into the contribution to environmental protection.

I am not speaking of virtual vouchers used in CO Emission trade, I am speaking about the real value of real products and materials, I am speaking about the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES which wait to be discovered.

INDUSTRY 5.0 VAULT AR is a tool for every company which would like to reduce its impact on the environment and at the same time significantly reduce the monthly fee related to waste management. If expanded within the supply chain much more savings can be generated.

INDUSTRY 5.0 got strong support in May 2020. The support is provided by HUGH CHING one of the global thinkers, who is the father of POST-SCIENCE. HUGH CHING uses his methodology and tools to deliver the next important part requested by industries and economies, his methodology delivers the exact calculation of the VALUE.

I am happy to contribute to the first presentation toward KNOWLEDGE and RESULT-ORIENTED SOCIETY and because it is very complex, I will dedicate the next post to this topic.



Michael Rada

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