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5 min readJul 8, 2020

At the end of 2019, I have purchased for my office an AIRFRYER, after having for 30 years the “Portable” HOT AIR OWEN, it gets broken just before XMASS, and to be honest, I was not happy, because it was a useful tool. I was looking for substitution and found a new kitchen device that reminds me of the good old one waiting now for its transformation into the indoor garden.

The size of the new one, much smaller than the original, looking more like Kettle or Coffee machine than an oven

and the size

was the key to success

The size does matter


Do not believe those who say it does not.

Thanks to the size, the device operates much faster delivering crisp baken in 4–6 minutes and fresh-baked rolls in 12 max. YOu can even produce JERKY which took 40–50 minutes only to be right to consume and you can do much more (I even wrote first Book of AIRFRYER recipes in the Czech language)

Why do I mention this?

The Airfryer reminds me so much on INDUSTRY 5.0 and the transfer from HOTAIR OVEN to AIRFRYER the transfer from INDUSTRY 4.0 to INDUSTRY 5.0 or better to say from REVOLUTION 2 EVOLUTION.

The reason is the speed of execution and delivery of the results

The CIRCULAR ECONOMY concept was introduced in 1966 which means 56 years ago and still, it moves in circles without delivering real results or change, it just secures life long profit to experts who teach others to be experts.

When you try to launch a new product today, it takes loooong time, not days, not weeks, but months and years to be delivered. Similar speed has information flow within corporations and companies before reaching the top when sent from the bottom. Sometimes it never reached the addressee. The number of rules, departments, applications creates a landscape in which many intentions got lost. The lack of transparency set by signed NDA creates the blind route signs on the way to the future.

The size is the reason for the delay

And the habits, which are being collected on the long journey of growing size

The fourth industrial revolution followed the three before, with the same aim and tools, using the “new” technology to increase the speed and volumes. Generally, it is not important what, but it must be a lot and permanently, continuously being produced. Alongside the industry, the Society has been assigned the consumer role only. From brains to hands doing repeating tasks. Again and Again and Again.


It starts its own Life in an Evolution manner

It does not have to wait for all approvals would be done to make the next step, it delivers the result first to present it before asking for support for the next one. Same as nature and the life, INDUSTRY 5.0 does not skip the steps needed for further development, on the contrary, it waits with the third step, when the second is finished, what is different is that it doe not try to copy or repeat other man work, it creates its own and as this unexpected results are delivered.

Just one day after starting this article I have received a new message from ENEL company opening new challenges for the utilization of the space below the SOLAR PV modules placed on the ground. It was not the first time I participated in the challenges of ENEL, I know the submission process is short.

Already during the reading of the challenge conditions, I visualize the solution by combining existing technologies I or my business partners work with. This is how I was able to submit my solution just hours after opening the challenge.

This is how SOWO project was born

There are areas bigger than whole countries which are covered by solar panels, areas which are used just for a single purpose, electricity generation. Fields that once served for the crop production, fields which once have been covered by trees and forests. Fields that once have been in touch with human and animal fields are now surrounded by a fence, frequently topped with barbwires and secured by cameras. Life stopped to deliver energy.

The five years of INDUSTRY 5.0 development helps me to create solutions in time much shorter than the time regular and common in these days. There is just one issue.

The contracting authority did not adopt a new way of working.

But it pretends to do so

We are living in the world in which in one minute happen globally more than in a year one hundred years ago but our lives follow rules set a century ago.

The scissors open more and more and until this fact would be recognized by all who are involved, even the best ideas will not become reality. This is why INDUSTRY 5.0 was created and this is the reason why the projects deliver results immediately instead of years and decades.

Follow the way of INDUSTRY 5.0 and become the game-changer, not a puppet.



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0