Michael Rada
3 min readJun 14, 2020

I was asked recently to write an business offer to the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world. A business offer in which the value of INDUSTRY 5.0 would be visible indicating the cost and the benefits related to the implementation.

It is not the first time I was asked for a calculation. It is not the first time I address a letter to the President, but it is the first time when I will estimate the value of my work and INDUSTRY 5.0 to the whole nation.

326.7 million people living on 9,83 million square kilometers depends on my business proposal. If one nation does recognize the benefits of INDUSTRY 5.0 and accepts the offer, all others will follow one by one.

In my business life, I wrote and delivered thousands of business offers, small and big ones, for regular or very special projects unique of its kind (drying of Czech underground after floods, recovery of tons of frozen documents and books after same floods in 2012), but none was of this size.

I prepared for this moment whole my life. I am standing in front of a GIANT that hardly sees me. but patiently wait for the offer I prepared.

I am ready to deliver the numbers

Dear Mr. President,

INDUSTRY 5.0 will

  • Save your nation economical losses worth 7–12% of your GDP annually and the tendency would be growing
  • reduce and finally eliminate the dependency and addiction on external resources and on other nations
  • decrease the unemployment rate and create exponential growth of new businesses not only in your own country but worldwide
  • stabilize and unify the nation

What would be the price?

  • 1 USD a year for every citizen of our country paid monthly (0,0834 USD/Month/Citizen) for the time of one decade
  • change and update of national legislation
  • the growth of population and national profitability

What will happen with the funds?

  • 50% of the amount would be allocated on INDUSTRY 5.0 global fund serving as backup for the time of crises
  • 30% would be utilized for the operations of local INDUSTRY 5.0 dedicated LABS and WERKS
  • 20% would be invested in continuous improvement and innovations globally helping to establish and maintain global ON-THE-GROUND-MINES accessible to cover the local needs and support the global needs

INDUSTRY 5.0 is not the next INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTIONS. It was not found and developed to achieve short-term goals but to solve up to date issues in the long term perspective.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is the first INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION ever led by man (HUMAN) and it will be stronger every year, delivering more in the understanding of life expectancy, profitability, and balance.

The price would be the same for all

1 USD/YEAR/CITIZEN paid monthly to one transparent bank account

I was asked to deliver the price offer for INDUSTRY 5.0 national implementation. So I did.

The price is set. It is not negotiable.

It does not include the VAT if applicable

It is not me, but You to ask your government and President, what is the reason INDUSTRY 5.0 is not being implemented on national level.

This is what WASTELESS WORLD cost for one person and one year.

Are you ready to pay this price?



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0