Michael Rada
3 min readDec 2, 2020

The setup of the IBCSD LAB network was clearly described back in 2014 already before I launched my company, which turned to be the MOTHER LAB as many call it today.

The idea was to set up global networks of LABS and WERKS which will lead, control, and realize the operations in all destinations. Following the example of nature, the clear, lean, transparent, and efficient network without interrupted or broken connectivity was the image.

Due to COVID-19 and “global economy and trade lockdown” the progress and development of INDUSTRY 5.0 came 3 years earlier than originally expected and with that came the need for network setup much faster. Because of that, we have to skip the idea of creating our own network and instead of that we will utilize local businesses and companies to build up the same structure, just with already existing and established partners.

It will have many advantages, but some disadvantages as well.

One of the MINUS is related to the CORE BUSINESS our partner is realizing. Because systematic waste prevention is new, there is no chance that it has been part of the partner business already, that means, we have to put much more effort into the education of our partners and for most of them it will be an additional task and topic to concentrate on, which can, if understand and realized properly, can deliver next profit center into already profitable businesses.

This is how MINUS turns into PLUS

At the moment I do consider the integration of global players, which we negotiate with. Companies and corporations representing FORTUNE TOP 500 with many branches all over the globe would like to utilize INDUSTRY 5.0 benefits, but it seems like these GIANTS will probably not represent the LABS, but would benefit most from the LAB's existence.

STRATEGIC is based on STRATEGY, or should be and it is time to prove it, because not the data, but human hands and minds can build better future. Data are just tools same as machines, technology or fire. If we use the the right way, we will benefit from them, but if we let the machines to decide what we should do, the result would be the very opposite.

From small and local, there are more global companies and players lerning about INDUSTRY 5.0 basics and in many discussions I am being asked if INDUSTRY 5.0 influence this or that business and industry.

The answer is YES, SOON, because it is not just a machine, item, or idea, it is complex new global ecosystem. I delivered my answer in the INDUSTRY 5.0 2020 LOGBOOK that is being delivered to many of the giants who decided to support and benefit from INDUSTRY 5.0

The question is not if, but when

INDUSTRY 5.0 reaches you



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