Michael Rada
3 min readNov 25, 2020

In recent days and weeks, I am facing a tsunami of interest in the implementation of INDUSTRY 5.0 principles within organizations and companies worldwide. From India to Slovenia, Australia, Austria, Japan, the USA, and of course Czechia, the country where I so as INDUSTRY 5.0 have been born.

Because of the global lockdown, we are working hard on the setup of the IBCSD LABs and WERKs network to help clients to implement locally.

Almost all of the projects, no matter of segment, location, or size, start with a question HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST?

The reason is simple. Decades of the presence of the NEW ECONOMY, integrated in minds of people and businesses the following form




It is the same as the image that WASTE IS MUST, delivered, and nourished by the WASTE INDUSTRY.

The reality of INDUSTRY 5.0 is different. Frequently no capital investment is needed to achieve a change. The reason is the different approach and setup.


It uses the ALREADY EXISTING RESOURCES, which are being ignored due to the professional blindness of the players, employees, and members. There is no way how to avoid professional blindness if you work in the same place for longer than 6 months, but there is great news. INDUSTRY 5.0 and especially 6R METHODOLOGY restore the sight.

Coming back to the question of INDUSTRY 5.0 implementation cost, it is important to say no capital investment is usually needed. What have to be paid is the time and work of the experts or team who do the OTGM AUDIT to map and prepare the steps for successful implementation.

In accordance with this, the ROI of implementation is frequently shorter than the process. For every proposed investment (if any) one of the standards is the calculation of ROI for the client to see how an investment can influence the time of delivery.

If applied in line with the standard setup, the share of the “new investments” is covered by “new savings” and the more is being implemented the more is being saved. In many projects, we can apply ZERO ROI or even a REVERSE ROI, which are so special that even the name has to be invented to express correctly what does it represent.

As mentioned before every INDUSTRY 5.0 projects follow the 6R METHODOLOGY

  • RECOGNIZE represent site visit and OTGM AUDIT
  • RECONSIDER represent back-office work, development, consultations
  • REALIZE represent the implementation of the proposed changes
  • REDUCE represent the continuous reduction of the issues
  • REUSE represent the transfer of good and approved practices
  • RECYCLE represent the expansion of the project within the organization or supply chain

INDUSTRY 5.0 is changing the mindset of people and businesses and this is why many of the tools and methodologies are in direct opposition to common standards (like invest first, benefit later). This does not mean INDUSTRY 5.0 is not systematic, it is, just the way is innovative and unusual to all who considered the “old way” as the only existing.

The best proof of the opposite is the growing interest in all continents and the number of realized projects. The fact that INDUSTRY 5.0 goes global 3 years before the original expectation.

Ten thousand views a day can not be ignored anymore and it is clear that the only limit can be the size of the network, but it grows as well every single day to overcome all obstacles in front of him.



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0