Michael Rada
3 min readAug 13, 2020

August 4th, 2020

I am meeting Miroslav Šilhán, CEO and OWNER of LogECO company to discuss the integration of ERVO technology into the INDUSTRY 5.0 environment.

It is a day to remember, a day that changes the world or better to say, which helps the world to change much faster.

The reason is very simple, the ERVO technology deliver the last stone in the mosaic of processes and technologies that will create the wasteless world because it eliminates the common sentence “IT CAN NOT BE PROCESSED WE HAVE TO BURN OR LANDFILL”

Materials and products that have to become waste because of its “setup or consistence”

ERVO does not burn, it decomposes the products and materials into two raw materials.


Simple as that.

Many spoke about, but not a single company worldwide was able to produce industrial size technology and test for almost a decade brushing up the technology before asking for certifications.

I am sorry, there is one. Its name is LogECO and Miroslav Silhan is the CEO and owner.

There is not just a company. There are Machines already running and new ones are being produced to fill all inquiries coming from all over the world from destinations that suffer from a waste problem.

There are many

Almost every city has this problem, almost every factory has this problem, almost every country has this problem, so there are really many who search for a solution and since August 4th, 2020 they can stop searching and order one solution to be delivered to solve the issues not single. time, but permanently, forever and this is what many consider, especially if the ROI is bellow 36 months depending on the type of processed material.

Small size, big impact.

15 metric tons a day or if you prefer 15.000 kg (33.000 lb). The technology can work permanently whole year long with few breaks for maintenance. If we calculate with 350 days a year to 5.250.000 kg or 11.550.000 lb of material, products or trash that can be processed into raw material and more

It is a great contribution to the reduction of waste management cost and the negative impact on the environment and the best about it. Both outputs can be traded as valuable raw material and used back in industries for the production of new products, or can be used for generating electricity, heat, and much more.

SIngle commodity processing is possible as well, like seasonal processing of used tires and similar which makes it even more attractive and at the end of the cherry at the top of the cake, the LANDFILLS CAN START TO DISAPPEAR one by one in a continuous process.

If you ask yourself why your company, city, industrial park, region, or country and others do not use this technology yet, the answer is simple. You have not placed an order or send RFQ. YOu can do it, but you should be quick, for many did already the same and the line is going to be longer every day.

Feel free to aks, if any details needed, I will do my best to process your question and request ASAP



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