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4 min readOct 8, 2022

I am sure many of you discarded items that get broken, and are no more usable or of use to you, and you do it almost daily automatically even without consideration you do something wrong.


In factories and production facilities there get a lot of things wrong, which means a lot of is DISGARDED

I do remember well my first visit to a well-known automaker in Germany that produces only high-end vehicles. After we finished the factory tour we have been taken to the last control — FINAL OUTPUT CONTROL and there, in line more than 25 cars standing.

I asked the company manager, why the cars are standing there


I was surprised and shocked because before the same manager walked us through the entire factory and pointed out every workstation and how precise and well set up the production process was, with all steps controlled, to avoid any mistakes or issues.

During the years I saw similar images in every industry, everywhere the “hidden” unpredictable issues, resulting in the production of items, that after being installed and completed, make the entire work process so as the product to WASTE, because it simply did not deliver what was expected.

For those who have never been to a factory, we are usually not speaking about pieces, tens or hundreds of products, but thousands and tens of thousands every single day, and millions are in some business and industry one of the standards.

From the managers, you hear 5–10% of NG is standard

All the time in which the NG part remains in the system is frequently wasted, as the energy, material, manpower, and of course money.

Into this environment came INDUSTRY 5.0 a GAME CHANGER which is a REVOLUTIONARY BREAKTHROUGH that changes the function and principles during the production system and at the same time it breaks the silos between segments, industries making one industry suffer most, the WASTE INDUSTRY.

This GAME CHANGER was named PREDICTIVE DISCARDING and its inventor Geert van Kollenburg introduce it to the public on September 27, 2022

In his project, he concentrated on the CHIP MANUFACTURERS who due to “hidden or undiscovered” issues in production lose on average 6% of the produced chips, not speaking about material, energy, manpower, time, and money.

He has created a methodology that can, thanks to the use of AI, recognize the losses by early discovery and even prediction of the issues which will result in the production of broken or non-functional products. With the combination of deep learning, data analytics, and real-time application it does truly prevent waste to happen and thanks to the application of INDUSTRY 5.0 principles it becomes part of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES and can be with no delay utilized on-site or offered to others to process, reprocess or upcycle and not only in the same industry or segment.

In fact, the “DISCARDING” in PREDICTIVE DISCARDING methodology does not represent WASTE or WASTING, but immediate secondary utilization

We can speak about the widespread application which will deliver benefits to almost all industries because:

  • Material volumes needed for production will decrease significantly
  • Energy consumption in production will be decreased
  • The total lead time on orders will decrease
  • Overall working time of factories and production facilities will decrease
  • Waste management costs will strongly drop
  • Carbon Emissions are related to production so as Supply chain will decrease so as the environmental footprint
  • Space allocation would be reduced
  • Rework need would drop close to zero
  • After-sale repair and maintenance costs will be reduced
  • COSTS RELATED to all aspects above drops

These are not all, but a few benefits that will represent the result and output of implementation. ROI is expected to be very fast, depending on the segment and industry.

Do you know what the image above represents? You look at shoes that have been rated at the end of the production process NG, get crashed and the producer pays money to WASTE MANAGEMENT company to landfill or burn it.

THAT WAS STANDARD WAY before the introduction of the PREDICTIVE DISCARTING methodology and system.

If you love the image of preventing waste to happen through PREDICTIVE DISCARDING, contact Dr. GEERT. He will not only answer all your questions but will be able to quote and discuss how much money and time he will need to implement his solution in your environment


CONTACT Geert van Kollenburg before your competitors book his time

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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