We are living on the same planet our forefathers did.

It has the same size

Probably the same shape

And even the environment around is the same

So why do we insist on being different?

My Father has one head, two hands, and two legs. My grandfather too. When I remember well my grand grandfather was the same. So I do have my head, hands, and legs.

For many thousand years it did not change

and still many say WE ARE BETTER

What makes them better.

More heads? More legs? More hands?

Or just More money, More houses, More companies, More cars, More …

influence, likes, followers …

I do ask myself why we should change or better what should we change?

Should we all have MORE?

What about avoiding the addiction to more?

ALready 23 years ago, today´s richest man of the planet make success equal to volume. We should use the internet for more

He did and today, almost all can be traded over his platform

Except for


You will not find them on AMAZON, despite the fact that the search engine of Amazon delivers 100.000 search results for HAPPINESS and 17 for a meaningfull life.

I do write this post after many discussions and articles following COVID-19. It is fascinating to see all the faces that suddenly disappear at the first RISK to show up advising what SHOULD BE DONE, TO GET BACK TO NORMAL.


It seems like the moles and hamsters live on a very different planet

Is this the place they live?

Is this the book they pray with?

One of the fresh members of my business network delivered to me the following message after I offered him to share with him five years of INDUSTRY 5.0 implementation experience.

Michael, thank you for reaching out. For many of us, Industry 5.0 is still a concept. I was not aware of its meaning until about a year ago. Many others don’t know that there already is 5.0 while they are struggling with 4.0. Here in Wisconsin, many companies are at an automation level of Industry 2.0 or 3.0. So the appropriate question for them is whether they need to go through the various stages, or whether they can go directly to 5.0. That is the premise of the presentation.”

My answer

Dear Oliver,

thank you for accepting my networking invitation and your message.

Due to the fact that INDUSTRY 5.0 is not the fifth industrial revolution, but FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN), can the businesses in Wisconsin be closer to it than you expect.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is based on systematic waste and wasting prevention. It recognizes four types of waste — physical. social, urban, and process waste.

If interested in the INDUSTRY 5.0 KEYNOTE SPEECH can help or the definition.

I am implementing the principles of INDUSTRY 5.0 since its introduction on December 1st, 2015 and it helps to prevent more than 675.000 Metric Tons of material and products become waste and saved a lot of money at the same time.

The US is on the list for expanding, so I hope we hear each other soon to discuss the cooperation and implementation strategy Have a nice weekend free of waste and wasting in all its forms

I am aware of the reality. I live in reality. Not the virtual, but a real one. The reality in which If no work, nothing to eat. In a reality where the richest one is the first who delay payment for services and products ordered and delivered. In reality where happiness is not connected with the view on full bank account but a view of a single ear of grain growing from a single grain saved from last year crop.

The change we must do should avoid the mistakes of the past

MORE should be the criteria of success in one and only segment and this is LOVE.

Looking back, we can find the way forward

stop shaming for the mistakes, learn from them instead, and stay away from them.

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0