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3 min readMay 14, 2020

Hugh Ching, the Father of Post-Science, which has nothing to do with the science of the post-delivery services deliver in one of our discussion some very interesting topics. Topics I never heard of, but genial ones, which can help to push not only INDUSTRY 5.0 but the global society more than a step further.

Here are the main topics named


What are these and why I so so happy to meet their founder and Father like me, who is proud of his “children?”

Starting with the “UPN” I wonder if you ever try to search online, or in your computer, for an item or topic, which stack in your head. Using google frequently you get million of answers from which many not relevant to your question or needs.

What if every item and information gets its unique ID which will help in search and identification. We have a similar system successfully applied already. Where? In books and publishing, where ISBN number is helping us to achieve exactly this. ISBN does what we need. Almost. It has two minor issues


ISBN has been introduced in 1970, fifty years ago, in the age of early computerization and this is one of the reason, why there can be flaws.

UPN was registered on December 30, 2011, 41 years after the introduction of ISBN.

It seems to me that I see the blockchain hidden ancestor and not only that. Having a unique code, we can start to establish a global language using the combinations of language and numbers in a systematic way, saving a lot of time and effort in understanding each other.

The second part that HUGH CHING delivered is the INFINITE SPREADSHEET

Dream of all Excel lovers and not only for them

What it Excel can predict (if used the right way) what will come, what would be the development or regression coming? What if it is not the topic of the future, but it is available today already.

Last, but not least the POST-SCIENCE

The post-science is maybe the answer to the questions that science is trying to answer for so long. There are many, but the enclosed world of science remaining me of a lot of the encapsulated world of the circular economy.

I hope these three so as Mr. CHING will accompany me and INDUSTRY 5.0 on our global journey wich delivers the world free of waste and wasting in all its forms. They do, what was missing, deliver the calculation methodology of prevention and this is for people and businesses based on numbers, the crucial condition for accepting new.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is here since December 1st, 2015, from 2020 it transform the world of business and economy at the same time.



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