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INDUSTRY 5.0 was launched on December 1st, 2015. It was not born in a lab or on an Academic desk, but on the work floor, on GEMBA, and before delivery 30+ years of on-hand experience and expertise, mainly connected to and with LOGISTICS helped to understand that not next revolution, but the FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN) is needed to deliver the true change and transformation.

The connection to the INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE may not be visible at the first sight, but if you look closer you will learn that the impact would be more than significant.

The reason is that INDUSTRY 5.0 is based on the principles of SYSTEMATIC WASTE PREVENTION and maintenance, in general, is trying to prevent wasting to happen or stop wasting as soon as possible after it was discovered.

There is a reason why INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE can not be “renamed” to INDUSTRY 5.0 and this is the scope and size of WASTE, INDUSTRY 5.0 prevents to happening, which is:


INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE cover mainly PROCESS WASTE and sometimes (not every time) touch the physical waste.

Despite the fact that the launch of INDUSTRY 5.0 was already more than 6 years ago and it was adopted officially on January 7, 2021, be EUROPEAN COMMISSION and discussed at the end of 2021 onboard of UNITED NATIONS conference the term is still for many new.

Let me explain INDUSTRY 5.0 closer using some real-world case studies to understand its relation to the industrial environment and processes.

Every single INDUSTRY 5.0 project has to respect the following three principles, all of them, not just one or two.


Already here is the first and last same to the maintenance, because it is hard to maintain machinery, building or building if you do not know how they work, how they are connected and interconnected and similar.

This is why one of the tools adopted by INDUSTRY 5.0 is the technology of DIGITAL TWINS, which delivers great results on a small scale so as on the level of management of entire cities. It can help on the level of country governance or industry governance, but its application is limited by the large volume of “SECRETS” that are standard parts of any governing structure.

A second important part of INDUSTRY 5.0 projects is the utilization of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES or as some of the clients and partners call them EXISTING RESOURCES.

Once again I am sure almost all experts in maintenance know well that if not the right tool is available at the moment of urgent action, it can be temporarily exchanged for another which maybe is not perfect, but serve the same until the new, original part arrives. At the same time, I am sure all know how “dangerous” such temporary exchange is, especially if everything works fine or even better than it did before, but this is another story.

The third “tool” is the POWER OF TOUCH because no excel sheet or virtual drawing will stop oil from dripping, but the work of hands, best, experienced hands that solved the similar problem many times before and know how to touch and what to do and here we do enter into the segment of SOCIAL WASTE, thanks to which the most experienced people are WASTED because they are too old, or too young, or does not fit into the system.

The entire development and global growth of INDUSTRY 5.0 can be followed thanks to more than 3.000 articles, 964 of them in English. The impact on individual industries has been delivered in form of more than 200 keynotes delivered to industries, students of more than 180 universities, and schools all over the globe because the INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS network is spread over 94 countries (2022–02–22).

But let me pick up just three of many examples indicating how INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE topics have been solved using INDUSTRY 5.0 principles and methodology.


The big production facility in metal products production needs for new project, 12 MT crane, standard in the factory was 5–7 MT cranes. At a production meeting in which I participated as an advisor, I was asked if the used crane is on offer. My question was WHY DO YOU NEED A CRANE IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY. Because nobody believed me, I took the entire management and showed them that one unused crane in the production really has the capacity needed. The only step needed was to transfer it from one location to another one (cost 10K EUR). Cost of new crane 75K EUR. This was a project indicated as “REVERSE ROI” because instead of purchase we have discovered existing, but forgotten technology available to the client.


One of the industrial clients, producer of industrial machines and machinery systems, struggle with high cost related to DANGEROUS WASTE CLEAN UP (WASTE MANAGEMENT COST). Regular spills of oils and the use of standard SORBENTS resulted in increasing waste management costs so as environmental impact of the operation, which resulted in bad rating. Because the spills can not be simply ended due to the setup of the process, we have found a NATURAL SORBENT solution produced in the US, which after application on oil spills does not create dangerous waste, but thanks to microorganisms it turns the oil into fertilizer, without any negative properties. Since that moment the company utilize regularly the product of, decrease the environmental impact and significantly the WASTE MANAGEMENT COST, and at the same time work simultaneously work on a solution to even reduce the spills.


It may look like the single-use packaging does not touch the INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE segment, it is not fully true. It can touch in two levels. First is the space occupancy and waste volume and cost, secondly, many single-use packaging can be utilized for maintenance work and storage of components, so as for the transportation. A good example is the single-use cable drums that serve in most of the factories as single-use packaging and ends up in the waste containers and on the landfill. The application of the 6R methodology helped not only to identify the item but to turn trouble into treasure and from one factory project in one country, the project expands and it is now available in Czechia, Austria, and Germany and keep expanding. A New OTGM supply chain was created and helped to generate the MAINTENANCE DEPT's first profit, reducing the financial burden of its own WASTE CENTER.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is a very broad topic and thanks to the fact that the implementation does not require capital investment at the start, it is spreading globally, helping to deliver palpable sustainable results where circular economy, green deal, and other struggles.

To learn more you can watch one of the latest keynotes delivered to international audience or contact directly the INDUSTRY 5.0 FOUNDER, Michael Rada,

I hope the INDUSTRY 5.0 and its impact on individual processes and industries will become a standard part of the publishing plan and I wish all readers HAVE A NICE TIME FREE OF WASTE AND WASTING IN ALL ITS FORMS AND STAY SAFE.

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