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Regular readers and followers of the INDUSTRY 5.0 development for sure remember projects related to the use of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES for efficient power generation

PGG and ROPs projects followed by IGP

and its variations and ROP

I mention that we do not end and we did not, and today, we do introduce IGP, next world unique power generation project utilizing OTMG

I have to apologize for not using the right words or grammar, but you know, instead of UNIVERSITY after finishing college, I started as a steel factory worker and never find the time or need to add the university title to my name.

Today, my knowledge is useful, because manual work is an important part of the INDUSTRY 5.0 ecosystem. It delivers PALPABLE results, using the POWER OF TOUCH.

Why do I speak about it?

Maybe the header image answers your question.

No, it is not the HELL and no it is not the center of the Earth, it is just one of the INDUSTRIAL FURNACES, in which heat similar to the heat in the Earth's core melts steel. But steel is just one material that needs an enormous amount of energy to be melted or processed, there are many others as well like GLASS, CEMENT, and many more, and every dot below is connected with some type of furnace and process, that is dependent of its existence

We replicate what nature does for millions of years, heating the planet and providing energy below our feet.

To get the GEOTHERMAL power we have to drill deep holes or use “the holes” created by the planet, but they are rather few. To get the Geothermal power from Furnaces, we just have to place the right technology in existing technology and utilize for a second time what was utilized primarily as a single-use tool.


Instead of drilling deep into the Earth's surface, we can get the same heat on the surface, because we build and run technologies that try to duplicate the efficiency of the planet.

I do not know why nobody came up with the idea to combine FURNACES of all arts and GEOTHERMAL technology, this is why INDUSTRY 5.0 must do so.

The next step is to bring the players and experts from different fields to one table and discuss how to apply and combine the technologies they master best.

This is what INDUSTRY 5.0 ECOSYSTEM does, it utilizes the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES for the construction site of WASTELESS WORLD.

It is not BARCLAY, which does all to make money

The utilization of the OTGM mines is anticipated by many players who do understand that similar behavior reduces the amount of money “provided” to others to BUY NEW or SPENT. Money creates next money, but just for those who “provide” them and expect returns.

It would be interesting to change the Monetary system and align it with WATER, which despite all the technology and development we are still not able to produce.

But coming back to the IGP project.

At the moment of publishing this chapter negotiations are already running between big industrial players, experts in “playing with fire” and geothermal experts who developed the technology to harvest the heat of the “fire”

In a short time trials will be made which will confirm the match and application possibility. During the process, we have recognized the next On-The-Ground-Mines which may scale up the application possibility outside of the industry.

Stay tuned to learn more

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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