Michael Rada
3 min readDec 7, 2020

Going through the diary I have realized that until today there are eleven articles names using the word HUMAN. The first was published on June 15th, 2014 already and speaks to the LEADERS, reminding them of the title and offering the possibility to join the construction site of the wasteless world.

Nobody does that

Nobody reflected directly

I did not wait for the reflection, nor did I wait for support or money, I just continue what I decided to do, I continue with constructing wasteless world by developing and implementing new tools of systematic waste prevention. One by one projects have been realized, more and more products have been prevented to become waste and in this process, I took my time to record my experience and few times in a year send a new message to the growing list of the leaders.

Some of them remind on the LEADERS or even WORLD LEADERS list, some disappear and dissolve in time but one remains the same, the lack of interest in the work of man. Money was what counts.

After the introduction of INDUSTRY 5.0, on December 1st, 2015 something changed. No, there was no support offered, but my words have been taken out of the original context and used an easy to sell buzz-word delivering the image of a vision. No one cares about the true origin, the media starts to repeat the words of the fainted ones putting them on the pedestal of fame.

It took just two years for EUROPEAN COMMISSION to start a new group named INDUSTRY 5.0, delivering nothing than one conference a year filled with false information of false prophets. More and more raise their voices in form of papers, continuing to feed up the river of lies.

More and more famous names start to be connected to INDUSTRY 5.0 without understanding the true image, size, and function. One by One adding the INDUSTRY 5.0 badge on their coat did not move a finger to prevent waste happen, to do what INDUSTRY 5.0 truly represents.

Instead of doing so, they let the time suckers to suck more and more

TIME SUCKER by Christian Johnson

It seems like not only the politicians, but world leaders lost the ability to recognize the time. Not tomorrow, but in a decade is enough to act. Not today but in 2050 is fine to act.

Since a while, my business card changed keeping the name and contact data the same, the title changed


With these words, I start every single presentation. With this title, every e-mail ends. With this, I am informing everyone online to whom they speak and I am proud of it. I am honored.

My network grows and it is the network of HUMANS, which gave me the power and energy to continue on my way to a wasteless world. I am not asking others to build it for me because I know my future, can be built only by the action of my hands.

This is what I want to say today, on Saturday, November 14th, 2020. This is the next article in my dairy, an article that would be published on December 7, 2020, because all the days before have already message prepared.

Be HUMAN too, don´t shame



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0