Michael Rada
3 min readDec 7, 2023

Do you remember GRETA THUNBERG?

I was asked this question in my recent webinar that took place in South America.

Of course, I do remember her, although she never came back to me, never replied or commented. I offered her many times cooperation to help her, but she was shielded so strongly that she became in the end the role model for a new HUMAN SHIELD setup.

I am sure I do not need to explain, what the HUMAN SHIELDS has been used for, so just to remind you, WIKIPEDIA will help

A human shield is a non-combatant (or a group of non-combatants) who either volunteers or is forced to shield a legitimate military target in order to deter the enemy from attacking it.[1]

HUMAN SHIELDS have been used in wars and conflicts long time in history and it is interesting that (according to WIKIPEDIA) it was MAHATMA GANDHI who used it first as a RESISTANCE MEASURE

Almost 50 years later GRETA THUNBERG´s presence was “utilized” and misused to create a new form of HUMAN SHIELD and since 2019 it has been adopted by so many worldwide that it ended in the “creation” of the biggest HUMAN SHIELDS in history with 97,000 HUMANS involved at COP28

The true function of the “NEW HUMAN SHIELD” is not to protect its soldiers or weapons, but to PRETEND INTERESTS, to COVER THE TRUE REASON or INTENTION.

The “PARTICIPANTS” are not being forced, frequently they are paid for tickets, accommodation, and food and they deliberately play the role of USEFUL FOOLS sharing the content, and promoting it on social media all for free having the feeling it is them who is important

The very opposite is the reality

They just serve the EVIL

VOLUNTARILY, they become slaves, putting invisible shackles of evil around their necks, hands, and legs and pretending to follow their own decisions, not understanding they are just one drop in the stream directed by force, not by the will of the droplet.

In a great way, the reality was described in the 5 minutes document published during COP28

The SOCIAL MEDIA context created by the HUMAN SHIELD members is what makes it so attractive. Distortion from original intentions combined with free-of-charge PR.

It seems to me that it started with GRETA and now it continues

Have you ever realized that?

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free, and watch out

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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