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At the end of 2018, several global media reported a new social credit system applied by the government of China to control its citizens. In fact, the Chinese government does not call it a control system, but a behavioral corrective system which was implemented to improve the living and social conditions of the country billions of citizens.

Business Insider published in early 2019 interesting article related to this topic and reading it through I decided to write next of my LINKEDIN articles related to the principles and function of INDUSTRY 5.0.

Reading through the findings (probably delivered by the anonymous group of German scientists) you may say WHY NOT. The good and brave ones are being rewarded and acknowledged and the bad ones penalized ad watched carefully.

Seems to be a good idea

I was born in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic back in 1971. It was a country run by KSČ, Czechoslovak Communist Party and it applies the same principles generally described in COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and many other lectures we have to learn about during the time of our education.

The good ones have been rewarded.

The bad ones penalized and watched.

Having no internet, surveillance cameras, mobile phones, all the work was done by people. Members of Public Safety (VB) = POLICE, State Safety (STB) — Secret Police, Public Armed Helpers (LM) = People´s Watchguards and more open or hidden organizations frequently linked to other countries of the East Block.

During the process development, the permanently reelected communist party brushed up the system, providing the GOOD ONES with RED BOOK and position in the ruling party. More pro-active members get more social credits awarded by the party, more money, more influence, more power. After being at the power the rules was their word.

The bad ones did not have access to the RED BOOK, for they did not forget there is more than just one book and there can be more than just one party. Its punishments include being unable to secure loans or being placed on a public blacklist which can stop people traveling on planes and trains, lead to their children’s school places being taken away.

The bad ones being relocated to remote locations, prisons, given works with high health risks like mining in Uranium mines, processing cobalt, working in steel werks with no or very limited access to safety gear.

It took 20 years to the first and another 21 to second “revolution” which ends up the communist’s regime and its social credit system, which turned to PRIVILEDGE for PRIVILEDGED and no rules and laws for the party members.

As mentioned above, those who set, control and apply the rules have been “human” beings

The government of China applies Artificial Intelligence to help to deliver, maintain and control the SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM. It took humans a decade to recognize how sweet the rule-makers life and it took Czechs 31 years to take it down.

How long do you think would it take the SUPERINTELLIGENT computers to recognize the human to be a “system failure” and modify the core of the system to eliminate the bad ones?

In my last presentation held in the Moravian city of Zlín, the birthplace of Tomas Bata who put shoes on the world legs, I have revealed how the world will look like in the age of INDUSTRY 6.0. There are just two options.

The first one when INDUSTRY 4.0 and AI become the last stage before INDUSTRY 6.0, then the world will look like this

The second one when INDUSTRY 5.0 will continue and grow up into INDUSTRY 6.0, which will change the image to this one

It is everyone decision to choose. I made my choice already, and YOU?



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