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My name is Michael Rada, I am Human

I am the Founder of INDUSTRY 5.0

With these words begin for 18 months already every speech, every keynote, every workshop that I do realize.

It is a strong feeling for me and even now, writing these words I feel strong emotions. I can not imagine saying the same decade ago as a senior manager within a large global corporation.

Recently not only the US but global politics face a wave of protests.

For the first time in history, the North Korean president acknowledged failing which does not result in protests, but in a new rise of empathy within the struggling population of one of the poorest countries in the world.

Before starting to write this post I was analyzing my last keynote and found out that within just four days hundreds of employees of one or another global company have visited the post and listen to the speech.

It was probably more than the number of employees reading the message of the company CEO.

Some will say, it is a fail and an issue

I say it is a victory because the employees try to search for the best solution to be applied to their own employer. I a sure they don't do it because of getting the order. No, they do because the message that is being delivered speaks to them and they can imagine the change represented by INDUSTRY 5.0 to be implemented on-site.

A few days ago the global media start to search for JACK MA, the founder, and owner of ALIBABA.COM. He is a man who becomes a ROLE MODEL of a successful entrepreneur and business owner in a world where money is equal to success.

The question is. IS THIS THE REAL WORLD?

Does digital wealth mean life?

Until somebody takes the plug out of the socket

From richest to slave of the system with no name and no face, just one of the billions.

Are politicians, presidents, prime ministers, and ministers different?

In which way?

In many countries, the president is one of the politicians.

Men or Woman who climb the ladder of the political career, frequently for many decades, become politicians, act like a politician, and feel good within politicians which is the sign of losing its own human face, that is being pretended only during the election times.

This is why so many presidents are not humans, but politicians.

This may be the reason why some of the “newcomers” or new blood have such a strong response within the nation. In my own country in the heart of Europe, I was a witness to such a change just once and this was when after more than forty years of communist governance the new for the first time democratic elected non-politician become president for the first time. His name was


And I am sure you have probably already heard his name

But almost nobody knows the name of the second or even the current president of Czechia.

President VÁCLAV HAVEL was not a politician, he was a writer, screenwriter, and publicist and this is why he did not follow the habits of politicians. Until his death, he remains HUMAN and this is why so many remember him with the good, so as the bad habits he has.

I have never studied economy or political science, not even at university, which maybe helps me to stay human no matter what I do.

This is missing and it is wrong because humans should not be led by someone who forgets how does it feel to be human

It does not matter if we speak about Presidents of countries or the head of the UNITED NATIONS. We can apply the same to political representatives of nations sitting in the European Parliament or in a council of international organizations.

To get HUMANS to be the LEADERS is hard, but much harder is not to become a politician when a leader.

The politicians fear the true leaders

Their fear came from understanding that losing power over nations and people will mean the loss of influence and financial stability. In some cases can not be the heads of the states jailed and persecuted after handover to the next candidate.

I don´t want to ask you just to vote HUMANs instead of politicians in your next election, it will not be enough. I would like YOU to BE HUMAN yourself because this will be your way to leadership.

Have a nice day and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0