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The word used in the name of the chapter that is so hard to be pronounced by foreigners means LIGHTNING CONDUCTOR or LIGHTNING ROD and the same as the word originated in the country in which the word ROBOT or the term INDUSTRY 5.0 originated, a country called today the CZECH REPUBLIC.

It is quite an old invention and one that can become one of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES if we start to understand that the conduction of lightning can serve another purpose.

I am sure the regular readers will remember the PGR and PGG projects revealed earlier

Projects introduced in 2020, use the 6R methodology to create new immediately applicable solutions for issues that have “no” or “very expensive” solutions.

The enormous energy potential of 26 nuclear power stations, costing less than one, keeps the first power companies testing and realizing PGG can become a reality and be one of the important contributors to national, international, so as local power supply.

The new HRS project serves a similar purpose with one small difference, the amount of power captured from one lightning is close to the power of an entire nuclear power station which until now was able to be absorbed only by the planet, but not by the HUMANS, which may change now.

Considering the big amount of energy and the short time in which it is being conducted to the ground we need a solution that can absorb and store. What about SAND or WATER BATTERIES?

Both can absorb big amounts of energy, the same as for example rocks, the only question is how to extract the energy of lightning back and feed it to the grid or to another energy system.

The LIGHTNING energy is provided for free, so we can use it if we can store it, but there is one more what the HRS project can serve, it can be the emitter of electrostatic energy and help to “create” the rain

Have you ever heard about ICE STUPAS or ELECTRIC ICEBERGS? Probably not, because instead of being tested in your city or country, it was tested far away in NEPAL, in the middle of the Himalayas where Icebergs serves for centuries and millennia as a source of the water supply. Unfortunately, the size of the icebergs is decreasing and water scarcity is increasing, this is why already in 2016 the team led by Sonam Wangchuk proposed to generate ice artificially using a solution that resembles a lightning rod but serves a different purpose

The project woke interest due to its participation in the ROLEX AWARDS, which contrary to INDUSTRY 5.0 become the laureate

The Ice Stupa at night looks like the ice kingdom or Palace of Life, which is because it serves and delivers water to the fields during the hot summer time.

Unfortunately, the media stop caring as long as the first celebrity announces her new comeback and the last visibility gained the project in Stockholm the same year when the stupa grow 52 feet tall (15,82 m), which is the size of a multistory building.

It is interesting that despite palpable results, the solution was forgotten (almost) and serves just locally when it can serve in almost all places around the globe to help with water scarcity by turning humidity-using electricity into a reliable water source.

I get in touch with the team and we do discuss how to transform the generated knowledge and palpable results from the ROOF OF THE WORLD as HIMALAYAS are frequently called to the cities and villages all around the globe to deliver life, which seems to slowly disappear due to water scarcity.



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

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