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The GIANTS have many forms, sizes, and shapes, and it looks like they are omnipresent the same as Japanese management in overseas factories, which members you meet every time you are on GEMBA, despite the fact that they are just a few in number in 5000 soul factory.

If you look at the header image you see one of the forms

It is called SINGLE-USE PACKAGING and I am 100% sure you get it, in a different shape and form, but you did and usually, you obey its rule implemented in the name “SINGLE-USE”

You Use it and Waste it

Doing it the “proper” way makes GIANT happy because you just secure him, or her or its new business. The business goes on and on and on, with the speed of wasting.

It makes other GIANTS happy as well because WASTE IS TREASURE (but just for them)

When I started to write this article I let GOOGLE TRANSLATE translate a sentence for which I did not have the right words in English, but Czech expression defines so well what I would like to say


“TAME” someone does not mean ENSLAVE, but to establish a friendly relationship that makes it possible to cooperate and live MEANINGFUL LIFE on both sites, not to serve as a slave to master as a slaver on the other. The border between those two is very thin which everyone must be aware of.

As you know I never write about a topic without being the first one who tries, tests, and fails so long until I succeed, which is the process in which the “6R” methodology helps significantly

Your question may be how did I realize that I TAMED the GIANTS

Let me share a visual answer first

Not enough?


If not try to dive into the following article

One of the SMALL GIANTS who utilize the offer to be the SUSTAINABLE FACE of unsustainable industries and represent CIRCULAR ECONOMY, when the payment is right, rejects cooperation on the construction site of WASTELESS WORLD for more than 7 years does organize the 8th year event in which it ADOPTED WASTELESS WORLD as one of the topics.

Not Enough?

What about EUROPEAN COMMISSION which adopted the term INDUSTRY 5.0 on January 7, 2021?

Not Enough?

What about AIRBUS, BOEING, and JAGUAR LAND ROVER, who did exactly the same in 2022 and 2023?

What about academics and scientists who publish daily papers and publications mentioning my name and work?

Domestication is a state where the tame does what you tell it to do and feels good about it

This is what one by one the GIANTS started to do.

Firstly they started to use one term, and shortly after they add another one, full sentences, spreading the word from one to another, pretending it was them who invented them.

WASTELESS WORLD and INDUSTRY 5.0 become the terms that echoed globally and there are fewer of those who do not use it and once Prince, being Duke today is no exception.

They adopt the terms first

Not the content behind

but they can not eliminate the fact that origin exists.

The origin that defines the real meaning

not the false one pretending to be the only one that exists

Good intentions do not mean good results, especially not if the core business is based on echoing the words of those who pay best and regularly for keeping things as they are DIRTY and PROFITABLE

GIANTS are the same. Big bodies do not mean Big brains

This is why they adopt and suck from others

not understanding that sucking and drinking their own blood does not make them stronger, but weaker with every single drop

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe, free and VISIBLE

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0