The governments found a new cure for COVID-19

Additionally, to MONEY the HACKATHON was discovered as the ultimate tool against COVID-19.

It is simply great.

The new generation of the hackathon. No price money, No sponsors, No venue, No IPO for the thinkers. Just collecting ideas for free

I have noted over 30 hackathons already worldwide and I am sure my number is not complete (here an article about 11 hackathons)

I am sure all organizers mean it well with the world but at the same time, all ignore solutions which people and companies already delivered to relieve the pandemic pressure.

There is one more topic

Same as many hackathons organizers in times of freedom, the pandemic hackathons organizers collect the ideas for free, use them and make money out of them. Keeping the IPO on the site of the organizer, not the owner or the inventor.

When looking at the timetable above it seems like there was a hackathon already before. Not open to the public.

It let me think on EU officials who selected BLACK ROCK to advice on banks on environmental policy, for BLACK ROCK is the one who makes the most money on profit from environmental damage.

I am not sure but would like to tell all, MONEY DOES NOT SAVE THE WORLD, MONEY SAVE JUST MONEY.


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