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4 min readMar 1, 2021

On Friday, February 12th, 2021 Greta Thunberg published on her Twitter account the image you see above.

For 130x already did Greta inspired others to STRIKE FOR CLIMATE

The result, NEXT STRIKE

Two weeks ago, I have launched additional to the limited INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORSHIP program a new one, unlimited, open to many. I name it the INDUSTRY 5.0 HERO program.

It is a program open to all who are ready to do more for the change than stand still on Friday in front of the camera lens or sit on a parliament staircase. I have shared the information with the members of FRIDAY FOR FUTURE just two days after the launch.

Two weeks after that step, not a single member of FRIDAY FOR FUTURE come back to me, instead of that, I see the same faces on the next FRIDAY photograph shared on Twitter and other social media on Friday.

What is the message and What is the delivered Result?

In every realized project I do in factories, companies, and businesses, I am being explained by my client what is his or her CORE BUSINESS. Numbers, Volumes, Images are being presented proudly to deliver the right message about the company's dedication. Same the nice and shiny production line. None of the companies is ready to change its core business because of the WASTE PREVENTION but at the same time every CEO, OWNER, and CFO answer the same if I ask him or her if he or she


How is it with those who strike?

Is it the participation on the strike or the strike itself, or the image on Twitter the “core business” objective fulfilled?

Since 2015 I do participate in an education program in which various entrepreneurs share with students their stories of entrepreneurship to help them to learn that it must not be the only employment, that comes after school, so as that there are not only roses and fortune, but fails and scarcity in hard times, that an entrepreneur has to overcome.

Every time I see similar faces as on FRIDAY FOR FUTURE strikes posts and every time reading the feedback I do learn that they never thought that WASTE CAN BE PREVENTED and HOW IT CAN BE DONE.

Many of the students contacting me later starting a similar journey, asking me for help. I am sure the message delivered by one of the INDUSTRY 5.0 KEYNOTES does help to understand that the future is in our hands every day, not only on Fridays.

At the same time, they learn that TIME is the most valuable that we have, and wasting it by waiting for next week's strike means wasting 6 days of seven in which instead of wasting the change can be delivered.

Only 195 people worldwide can become INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS (181 at the moment) because the basic rule says one country, one ambassador. But there should be 7,7 Billion INDUSTRY, 5.0 HEROES, to maintain the globe and the garden named EARTH a beautiful place to live in and to live on.

Follow the Ambassadors and become Heroes

This post was written on February 12th, 2021, On Friday, but it would be published on March 1st, 2021 and I am sure the AMBASSADORS NETWORK will be much bigger because not a single day has been wasted

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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