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4 min readOct 27, 2021

In the Czech language stands FOR for JOKE

In Golf language for DANGER

On the second day of THE CLIMATE SAVERS WEEK (2021–10–25 till 2021–10–29) I realize the meaning is the FEAR OF OWN RESPONSIBILITY


Common for more and more people, present in politics, management, on Gemba. FOR seems to be omnipresent penetrating already the entire society all around the globe. With DIGITALIZATION and VIRTUALIZATION, it looks like FOR disappear, but in fact, it goes even deeper under the physical skin of not-digitalized beings.

In the late 60´and early 80´in CZECHOSLOVAK SOCIALIST REPUBLIC the biggest publisher in the country “ALBATROS” start to produce a book series called “ROZUM DO KAPSY” or “BRAIN IN YOUR POCKET”

It was very popular and you find it in every library. Written by the group of authors it was the printed pre-historic WIKIPEDIA which in fact has one more primacy it predicts what will happen 50 years later — many carry the brains in their pockets in form of a mobile phone in which the digital WIKIPEDIA and GOOGLE and SIRI and many more take over the role of users brain delivering the answers serving as manuals for life.

There is a minor difference

As a boy, I tested physically many of the described topics in a way children do and it was fun, today many just follow taking the online content as a “law” don't doubt on the content.

The recent topics observed during the INDUSTRY 5.0 development control help me to understand why SCIENCE and AI experts have not developed INDUSTRY 5.0, but try to boost up their own expertise and importance in using the name as BUZZWORD, collecting millions in funding without delivering the single result.

I am fascinated by the number of publications published on the RESEARCH GATE and in other scientific and academic-oriented publishing houses. It is not enough that 95% have no relation to the true origin and principles of INDUSTRY 5.0 and are based on BUZZWORDS delivered by others, but many just rewrite the content which was already published, give a new name and their paper is published. I have learned that you have to pay to some of the publishing houses for your text to be published, the others do it for free but readers has to pay, what is the most alarming finding in relation to this is that it is not the quality or relevancy of the publication to the topic, but the number of published papers and publications that rank authors higher on the academic or science ladders.

At the same time alarming that scientists and academics research exclusively only in these pools of wisdom, paying no attention to reality or texts and publications published outside. Many universities, institutes, and schools look for professors, teachers, and tutors mainly on the list of most active publishers, but the content, relevance, or quality are not being measured.

“FOR” is present in the segment because during copying copies nothing wrong would be delivered, and nobody cares that nothing new is being revealed.

In fact, it remains me on the image of circular rotating desks, which can turn like a horizontal roundabout helping the scribe to work on several manuscripts at the same time, doing copies of copies. The only difference is that at the moment it is done with much bigger velocity, which is escalated by the search engines and robots that spread the “knowledge” and “news” globally without thinking.

“FOR” is applied in politics, banking, and many other segments but I am fascinated by its implementation in the INVESTMENT SEGMENT in which all the investors, especially those who came with SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE OF SUCCESS are helping others backing the action with ZERO RESPONSIBILITY if anything goes wrong.

The last groups that make use of “FOR” are many ECO and SUSTAINABLE EXPERTS including the majority known to me as CIRCULAR ECONOMY EXPERTS which share paid advice and recommendations, issuing and delivering certificates, for which no liability is one of the standards that is incorporated in the price.

Just a few minutes ago I publish on LINKEDIN next post based on another post shared by one of the LINKEDIN members

I just add to the image and chart one more column indicating the estimated value of INDUSTRY 5.0 compared to the celebrated value of TESLA. I stay for my word and say IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY and I stay for it same as I stay for all the work delivered including thousands of articles, posts, calculations, and much more that I have delivered not only during the last 8 years of my life and work but during the entire life.

I don't shame of it, not even if they have not been perfect. I am not perfect but that's fine.

Avoid “FOR” forever and work and live so, that you don't have to shame for anything you delivered.

I was asked during one of the interviews, WHAT I WILL ADVICE MY YOUNGER ME?


Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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