Michael Rada
3 min readOct 29, 2020

For almost 20 years I look from my window to the same image

Large industrial chimney standing in the same place during day and night, sunny or rainy day, during sommer so as winter.

In twenty years not a single day smoke came out of it

The only what changed was the number of antennas fixed on it and the fact that the RED LIGHTS at the top stopped to light a year ago and it seems like nobody cares.

Despite the fact I look for two decades in the same picture, every single time it is slightly different. There are small changes around this industrial finger pointing at the sky.

In 2020 it seems like many industrial “tools” landed or crashed on the ground. One of the latest reports deliver the message indicating that many CRUISESHIPS end up on “LANDFILLS” same as “PLANES”

It seems like the only solution is to seel the ship for the price of material, disassembly, and trash it.

Do we really have to trash all we do not need?

What if somebody else needs something that can be made from the item we don't need?

Let us take a cruise ship that does not serve to cruise the seas and oceans because there are no tourists. It is too expensive for the owner to run and nobody would like to buy it as a cruise ship.

What if we stop to look at the same object as a cruise ship and start to see it as something else. What about:

  • Large village or small city?
  • Large hospital
  • University with all amenities
  • Industrial park
  • Largest care home in the world

There are so many possibilities, and none of them is being considered. Why? It is the image of the blind power of blind giants

It is not just the blindness of the owners, banks, and investors. It is the blindness of governments who prefer to lose and waste money instead of implementing a solution that prevents waste happen systematically and permanently. Instead of implementing a permanent solution that will cost ONE US DOLLAR A CITIZEN ANNUALLY

Unfortunately, it seems like all money has been wasted already for the price for the future is probably too high for the governments. It seems like wasting is a new investment.

We are destroying whole cities and kill the land and exploit the resources to build new ones. We do waste and cry on the growing cost of waste management. We speak about the global change and instead we repeat the mistakes of the past following habits to continue the damage.

I asked you to find the difference and would like to ask you to go back to start and look again.




Michael Rada

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