Michael Rada
3 min readOct 11, 2021

The weeks spent with my GrandDad are every time very inspiring for me. This year and this year I was not the only one who was inspired.

More than 10.000 people reflect already on his image and story

Many people comment that their own elderly family members and friends are great and deliver great results and that it is a pity that society keep them aside, not to “spoil” the view on the beauty of the “new, young world”

I am happy that not a single hater shows up

not a single negative comment

I have good news for all who ask for bigger acceptance of the seniors in society. WE ARE THE SOCIETY.

Yes. YOU, ME, ALL OF US we create the social network

When I started the last part of my life journey, I was 42, have 23 years of business experience in small and local companies so as in large multinational corporations. Starting as a steel factory worker, I finished at the management board of the European logistics division of the second-largest Japanese corporation and I started from the ground on to build WASTELESS WORLD by BLUE OCEAN project aimed at the SYSTEMATIC WASTE PREVENTION APPLICABLE FOR INDUSTRIES.

I was not living in my parent's garage. Nobody pays my bills. I have a family to feed and all that means I have to deliver results for which I would be paid.

I did, and today, eight years later I am standing on the roof in front of my WorkPlace in the middle of Plzen city center and I look at the map and network of 55 INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS that represent the wasteless mindset in 55 countries of the world.

In all the countries and destinations elderly and seniors living, being put on the site of the society, by law who rate them after so many years of work as SOCIAL WASTE, naming their time “RENT” or “DESERVED REST”

But most of the people in senior age and with fifty I will count to them in two months time, do not want to rest but utilize their knowledge and experience gathered throughout their lives.

LET HUMANS SPEAK, let them be of help, incorporate them into our life and work as a significant part that does have a role.

Just two hours after publishing a post related to the true needs of the elderly and seniors this list shows up in LINKEDIN statistics.

The FEELING TO BE NEEDED is what is missing by many who just survive in the senior houses, care homes, or waiting at home, when not living on the streets of the cities they build.

The people of age represents and share one more treasure, THE VALUE OF THE TIME, teaching all of us that the time can not be bought, purchased or stored for later. It is here. Now. PRESENT.

Would be gone in next moment and will never repeat again.

There is not a single insurance or financial tool served by banks and insurence companies that will make the senior age valuable. It will not be done by the next doses of drugs prescribed by doctor.

Love, Respect, Passion, Understanding, Need and Feelings these are the true values that turn elderly and senior live to be MEANINGFUL and RICH.

Let us all live in harmony, let us restore the HUMAN in HUMAN again, this is the image of WASTELESS WORLD

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0