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One day, on March 7, 2024, to be honest in a discussion with J.R. she said a sentence that strongly resonated with me immediately


Which was translated by GOOGLE following


But this was not what she wanted to say and what I understood, but I was able to picture the images used in the header because we call EUC in my country KOLEČKO

J.R. works in the building where IBCSD LAB company is located together with 30 other companies as one of the morning DOOR KEEPERS, being available to all who come and do not know where to find some of us.

J.R. is the same young as me, she faces several health issues but it is rare when you see her face with a grimm. She usually smiles.

She is the one who read my One pager printed for her and her colleagues on paper having the future one in blue and the red one in red file under her desk.

She is every day first who give me feedback as we talk in between the work I usually do. J.R. is not only a WOMAN, she is a HUMAN

To see who is in the office we use a system of plastic TOKENS placed on a small golden plate next to the door. Each office has its screw on which the token can be placed. If people are in the office, the token is ON, if not, the location is empty and the token is parked together on the site.

It is a system of total visibility and transparency based on trust and memory. It has not only this function but a protective function as well because if not in place, the office is secured by an alarm.

I think that transferred into the digital world the term BLOCKCHAIN is the name.

The difference is that we do not need electric power to maintain the system, we even do not need data and an internet connection.

The only things needed are understanding, personal responsibility, and the harmonized action

We call the TOKEN “KOLEČKO”

When this quote was born I felt its significance and told J.R. but she just laughed. I asked her if I could use her words, and she confirmed, but the condition was, not to use it with her full name.

The translation by GOOGLE does not feel good, the same as using the term TOKEN, but two days later to my mind the GEAR which in the Czech language is one of the translations of KOLEČKO and the result sounds great as well

The Czech language is very rich and one of the treasures is our proverbs. One says


We use this term to describe someone who behaves strangely or differently than others do, many describe me the same and I was proud of it instead of shamed for it

Please remember J.R.'s words, keep them in your mind, and share, because to be different is our strength which the GIANTS, who prefer to see all of us in uniforms, most.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe, be free, and have your gears in the right place all the time

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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