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4 min readNov 4, 2021

What do you see on the header image?


What I see is the RABBIT EATING young sprout saved from being wasted, planted in part of wash machine door on a soil collected from the roof garden.

We see the same, just understand it in a different way

What do you see in the next image?


I see people, professionals which try to change the world delivering and sharing their deep expertise with others, doing it for free.

I see people with whom I have discussed INDUSTRY 5.0 and the legislation in INDIA touching among others the END OF LIFE PRODUCERS RESPONSIBILITY.

This topic is now discussed and it is becomming part of legislation in more and more countries. Following the development coming in the last three years carefully I was feeling something is missing.

The discussion at THE POLICY TIMES in India helped me to realize what was missing and I put the question to the speakers.


The answer did confirm what I thought. The definition is missing. The legislation is too general and does not consider upcycling, reuse or repurpose possibility for the products so as the parts and components.

The END OF LIFE is part of legislation


So it is the intention of INDUSTRY 5.0 to utilize its existence. It must be improved, to increase its efficiency. How to do that?

Following the 6R METHODOLOGY

Number 1 was already achieved, the potential was RECOGNIZED

Number 2 is expecting us and we have to RECONSIDER what to do

Number 3 would be the sweet reward to REALIZE the change

The solution is in the understanding of the world “PRODUCT”

The majority of PRODUCTS consists of COMPONENTS and PARTS. In the manufacturing environment describe every product so-called BOM. BOM means BILL-OF-MATERIALS or product structure. It is utilized and used by the members of the purchase department or procurement, to order the right material and components for the production and assembly. At the same time, the production and engineering depend on BOM to set up the processes and plan the production activities well. Logistics provides support and controls the flow, so everything is at the right time at the right place.

I would like to recommend setting up a public database of products BOMs, as part of INDUSTRY 5.0 VAULT to give everyone the opportunity to explore in detail the content of a product that someone rate as “THE END OF LIFE” product.

Following the WASTE PREVENTION LEGISLATION introduced globally on September 1st, 2021 it will deliver the possibility to recognize all and every single component of a product and give the users the possibility of reuse or repurposing.

In this stage, the existence of new technologies like AI, AR, BLOCKCHAIN, and others would be of advantage as shown in the next of my articles published more than one year ago.

I am sure some of the readers will express their doubts on the possibility to realize something similar, but expressing it they completely forgot that similar tools have already existed for almost two decades. I just checked with WIKIPEDIA and have to correct my statement. It exists since 1982, which means it is with us for almost four decades.

The general approach is connected to the REVERSE ENGINEERING, just the scope and size is much bigger and it is complex on a global scale, and I hope AUTOCAD management including founders would be happy to expand the range of a solution which they delivered on the market to CREATE NEW with much higher efficeincy. After becomming part of INDUSTRY 5.0 it will serve the RE-CREATION and will become together with other tools the digital core of INDUSTRY 5.0 of the FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN) and I am looking forward to lead the transformation

It is time to start rewrite the legislation to be understandable same to all, waste prevention legislation can be the start

Being prepared with tools means the application would be smooth and lean and can be controled along the way. This is what deliver the difference, not blind subsidies delivered by the blind Giants.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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