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3 min readMay 3, 2022

For a few years already ELON MUSK is the celebrity number one. His status grows with his fortune. Being the richest man on the planet, which he would like to leave behind, he never pays an entry fee but gets paid.

His mother was proud of him, same as his brother


Every single idea is representing genius inside of a small man with a smile on his face. Every single idea glorified and


He makes money by spending other people´s money

Don´t bother himself with paying any back

In DECEMBER he used TWITTER to announce his intention to

SOLVE WORLD HUNGER by providing 6 BILLION USD to realize the task

He was looking for a solution, that was delivered to him just 2 hours later

He never replies, but for sure think deep about it

Four months later he introduced his own solution

Spending eight times more than promised to solve the world hunger

Want to know more

just follow the link https://www.wcnc.com/article/tech/elon-musk-buying-twitter-impacts/275-89149af7-a261-4ec4-8d8d-aedf39426c71 because the freedom of speech is so important for him

Once again ELON delivers a solution nobody expected and once again he is in all media having free PR.

Many will spend a fortune to meet ELON face to face

Waiting at the entry of the next TUNNEL finished by THE BORING COMPANY or at the station of HYPERLOOP by SPACEX, to be at the start of the relocation of HUMAN RACE to MARS, which still does not looks like the space LANDFILL as the planet, that ELON is saving by selling it away for fame and fortune.

Being 6 months older than me does ELON what he can do best, MAKE MONEY to MAKE MORE MONEY. Calling it DOING GOOD FOR HUMANITY.

It is great to have a new SAVIOR whose VISIONARY skills are beyond all expectations.

Instead of bread, rice, wheat, corn, apples, bananas, onion, and food, the hungry ones will get Twitter accounts and Twitter feeds that make them happy being with the SAVIOR himself. They can join him on the next MET GALLA with his mum

celebrating for all of us

So humble

Thank you, Elon




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