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4 min readOct 19, 2022

During my recent stay in the house of my parents, I spend time discussing with my mum, dad, and granddad. One of the topics is memories, which go 73, 80, and 99 years back in time.

In the morning, when all are still sleeping I prepare my work, to be able to utilize the time we spend together in the best and most efficient way, not to waste our time after all are up.

Today in the morning I realized that there is one very interesting development in the life of all of us born a long time ago. It is a fact that we have been born in a time when either no screens, or very few screens exist, and because of that, it was strictly prohibited to touch them, not to break them or make them dirty.

For one decade and maybe a little bit more, children are born with a touchscreen device in their hand, and touching the screen becomes a necessity for “surviving” in society, school, and work.

From NEVER to EVER was not long

It is interesting to understand that forbidden was not THE TOUCH, but the SURFACE that should be touched. Even this text is written on a notebook equipped with a touchscreen which becomes very useful for me in many operations and writing on a notebook without a touchscreen becomes very inconvenient to me.

The TOUCH SCREEN was adopted very fast and with its penetration, the volume of “touches” outside is constantly dropping. Instead of taking another person's hand, we take our mobile and message them. Instead of touching the soil in the garden we go to the FARM APP and enjoy how fast our “garden” grows. Instead of petting an animal, we run modern-age TAMAGOTCHI.

Addicted to Touch Screen

Many are “born” with this addiction which is called standard, habit, or necessity, because they never lived in a world where touching the screen was prohibited and frequently punished.

This is the gap.

There is one aspect not seen by the addicted ones and ignored by the producers of the touch screens. It is a fact that with the age many start to face the seizure of their hands, trembling, and arthroses, which all make the use of touch screens equipped with bigger and bigger sensitivity inconvenient.

Contrary to many others I had today the possibility to discuss the topic with people who lived in times when NO SCREENS existed. My 99 years young GrandDad, so as my73 young Mum and 80 years young Dad. Their life was free of screens in all their forms. Instead of them, fantasy was available, turning every book, text, and later on comics, into a living entity and worlds that every time has been different.

Especially GrandDad pointed out one important topic when the first TV or CINEMA screens came to life, they show only one story at a time.

Today, every second, every minute on the same screen different content is being presented.

This increases user addiction and decreases own curiosity and capability to “create” instead of “consume”

Most of us use TO TOUCH our fingers, but the latest development shows that instead of physical touch, the same function can be delivered by the “touch” of VOICE, or even rolling of the eyeballs.

From the very early stage of our lives, from the early stage of humankind, the POWER OF TOUCH plays a major role in our development, being one of the most powerful of the senses, and having the longest memory.

The development of the last decade or two shows clearly the deviation from the reality of real life.



It seems to be easy, but trust me, the very opposite expects you

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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