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POWER and DATA today

BREAD and WATER in the history

Only one can keep you alive

and despite that, we aim for the other.

Have you ever asked yourself why instead of a name, a number identifies products and even people? QR and BARCODE are the right key and IP ADDRESS can open the right door same as the credit card number and your pin.

Do you know that this was successfully tested already some time ago?

Many maybe remember to learn in school, but just do not connect the topic to the current days, but there is almost no difference except for the fact the application or assignment of the number is painless and the applicants stay in queue deliberately waiting for their own “personal” number to be finally assigned.

In my country currently named CZECH REPUBLIC was the numeric ID introduced already in 1946, by legislation or law 29/1946 sb and requests every newborn to be assigned a BIRTH NUMBER (RODNÉ ČÍSLO) which will identify him or her for the entire life. During its existence, the system changed once in the format of the number

We are not alone

It seems like the majority of the countries have a similar numerical system to watch for their citizens. In some, the number does not identify just the date of birth and gender, but for example race or ethnicity as well.

I am sure it is great for the SLAVERS and MASTERS to have the most important groundstone already available, with no need to invest, they need just to collect the low-hanging fruits, which they tested in many destinations during the COVID pandemic in which our shots have been registered and our mobile phone and smart devices controlled what we do and where we enter, reporting it to the MASTER AUTHORITY, hidden in the background of our screens

According to my investigation, there is only one country in the world which dropped to use of ID numbers for citizen identification and its does so in 2004. The country is …


It surprised me the same as the fact that my country was probably the first who introduced the ID NUMBER assigned immediately after the birth of a new member of the society. Many countries issue ID during life at 11, 16, 18, or upon request

In ancient history, mankind serve first the weak once to the strong once, which changed with the introduction of money and wealth. Step by step started to weak ones enslave the strong ones, but all the time it was a living creature who enslaved another living creature.

In the times of digitalization and virtualization for the first time in such a volume are HUMANS enslaved by the machines, well explained and visualized in a Hungarian cartoon from the early seventies

Money is strongly and continuously invested in using the official unofficial ID NUMBERS for tracking owners' and users' behavior, making privacy a matter of the past

It seems like nothing is more valuable than a NUMBER


Once fully digital, the Number will represent Life.

Set of spare parts, components of the system that can be exchanged if broken or duplicated if working well.

Despite the 30 articles published in the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS Slavery not only exists but is taking new forms

On September 13, 2021, I have proposed to ad the 31st article, and send it to ANTONIO GUTERRES and to UNITED NATIONS, almost two years later no reply or comment received

Digital slavery become a habit, in fact, it become a rule and part of legislation that in the name of privacy, cut all privacy away, giving privacy into the hands and tentacles of digital octopuses that store all the thoughts of the users.

Supervised by the UNITED NATIONS, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, promoted by the government and world leaders for whom DIGITAL ENTITY is the only way to rule over the lives of citizens.

It seems like the situation was predicted already not only by Karel Čapek but others much later

Just the name would probably change to DIGITAL FARM or AI FARM or ChatGPT Farm



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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