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During the control of INDUSTRY 5.0 development, I discovered many never seen pictures, topics, and articles, all related to INDUSTRY 5.0, according to its authors, the one used as the header image is no exception.

Having my name cited every day somewhere in the world of academic and research papers, publications, and journals I get used to the frequency, but it is hard to get used to the fact that despite referring to my work, the authors frequently lack understanding why and how INDUSTRY 5.0 changes the world.

Today I received information about the next conference dedicated to INDUSTRY 5.0 being organized in INDIA. It happened four years after the AGE OF INDUSTRY 5.0 started in the country. It is the only EVOLUTION that can be traced back to a single day, August 21, 2020.

FOUR YEARS needed to reach INDIA from INDIA

This is the delay in which I speak in the name of this article

DELAY that with the speed of development of technology gets longer and longer, with no end in sight.

With every single task we hand over to technology, AI, and machines we lose the ability to solve this task by ourselves.

How many numbers do you remember in times when phones have to be connected by a wire and instead of a keyboard you have a dial?

Today it is not you, but your mobile, who remembers the numbers

You can download this app, it realy works, and you can train your memory every single day, by dialing the number of a person you would like to talk with.

To be SMART, does not need a guarantee that the person is INTELLIGENT and via versa. It is not valid just for people, but for processes, machines, and technology as well.

There are MENSA MEMBERS with high IQ, but EQ, or the ability to understand the consequences of their own doing is missing.

The scientists, researchers, and academicians are rated by several publications and papers published. The condition for accepting is the absence of emotions and just a summary of facts and findings. When being asked by one of the leading publishers of such papers, to deliver an article about INDUSTRY 5.0 I informed the publisher that I was not able to write academic papers, because I never did. He was fine with that, but after submitting my work, it was refused. One of the editors offered the possibility of using ChatGPT to turn my language into academic language and he did.

The result was great, emotionless, and accepted

What a horrible story. I do not doubt that AI, and advanced language models like BARD, ChatGPT, and others can write academic and research papers, they can even write science studies, and articles in media dedicated to a highly professional audience, because this media lack e-motions for long, long time already, probably from the very beginning of its existence. On purpose, because the reader should not become emotional, but professional.

I noticed that there is a new generation of writers, who know how to become emotional, but not professional. Usually recruited directly in the schools and at the universities they label themself as CONTENT WRITERS offering services to companies and businesses promising that they will improve visibility just for a few hundred bucks a month. Having no idea about the topic, they write content, or at least a header, that catches the eyes of the reader, delivering nothing than empty words.

Just recently I read a post about ISO56001, never heard about it, but you should because it touches your work, it is the Innovation Management System Standard

Certification experts from all over the world have worked for several years to get on paper standards for something that is based on breaking the standards. I am not joking

The ISO56001 is so innovative that you can buy it before it is finished (written on February 4, 2024)

The work on this innovative standard has been running for years, in the meantime INDUSTRY 5.0 grew-up from the INDUSTRIAL TREND OF A DECADE to the INDUSTRIAL TREND OF A CENTURY being innovative every single day and moment, having no standards and no limits and I just wonder for how long we would be locked in INDUSTRY 4.0 when the ISO56001 already existed before December 1, 2015.

Please do not accept delay as the new standard, understand it as wasting of time, which can be prevented, and do so by simply PREVENTING WASTE TO HAPPEN

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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