Michael Rada
3 min readJan 21, 2020

Since yesterday the 50th DAVOS ANNUAL MEETING took place in one of the few places in Europe, which offers snow in winter.

For 50th times the “ECONOMIC LEADERS” of the world are meeting each other to discuss the future of the world.

To be there is a matter of prestige



For some a LOT OF MONEY

for the RICH ONES just peanuts

Many just grab in company pockets and deduct the amount from the duty paid and many others who are invited have their stay covered my organizer

DAVOS counts for many years to MUST and it seems like GOOGLE MEETUP can not beat it but …

Who pays the event?

The organizer name is WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM

It is International Institute under Swiss law, a not-for-profit, politically neutral organization.

It’s mission is “committed to improve the state of the world”.

It seems the mission is very similar to the one I set for me and my business


there is a small, tiny difference

I do it from the very beginning without third party money, donors, donations, funds, collections, incentives, I do it to prove IT IS POSSIBLE TO CHANGE TWO WORLD as standard business entity, profitable business, not as NGO or NON PROFIT depending on someone else money.

I deliver the result, I get paid, I invest in the next project.

This is the way, the work is done

I try to find out how much money one DAVOS MEETUP cost, but struggle to find it in public resources. The only what I found is the numbers for the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (Data 2015–2016)

This means a NOT-FOR-PROFIT Organization works with revenues higher than many businesses 228.343.000 Swiss Francs which is an amount equal to 212 mil EUR or 236 mil USD from which the half of the amount cover the salaries for 478 full-time employees

This means the average salary of 18.000 USD/Month

I am sure “the average” is far from the truth for many employees but at the same time it seems to be a stable job, 50 years not bad.

The question is what is the true reason for DAVOS and the existence of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. How close it the original intention and the current function and existence of WTF.

Is the organization still worth the money invested?

Does it deliver the output they speak about?

Is DAVOS CONFERENCE really the GAME CHANGER or just another way how to waste taxpayer money? Let us wait for the result.

Let us wait for the result.

Let us wait for the result.

Let us wait for the result.

Let us wait for the result.

Let us wait for the result.

Let us wait for the result.

Till 2050 it can be a lot of money spent or not?



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