Michael Rada
4 min readFeb 12, 2021

Already a year passed since the “world leaders” met in Davos in 2020. The met and promise bright future delivering the global lockdown instead.

I submitted several articles at that time and two of them stick out

In 2021 instead of meeting face to face, participants speak to screens. Instead of discussion, a monologue is being delivered, monologues of a few.

People carefully pre-selected to speak the right content

People who are not new to DAVOS and not new to MONEY. Many people can spend millions for decades telling others how to live without money. Others who can organize other people's money with the ability to keep enough to be interesting for the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.

One who spoke on the first-day of DAVOS VIRTUAL was GRETA THUNBERG

Greta pointed out that this year, once again, she expects more than promises to be delivered. She looks tired, speaking with a much lower voice, her speech calm, free of emotions.

Greta reminds again on emergency, but

She wasted another year, by delivering just next Friday strike and speech, but she does act the same way she criticized and cal it “JUST BLA, BLA, BLA”

I am very sorry that she trusts people who organized her life in the wrong way.

I was listening to the words of the President of South Africa

His words encouraging, so I contacted him to offer support on the implementation of systematic waste prevention into the legal framework of South Africa. I just wonder if I will ever get a reply.

Same as on many political events, discussion not permitted

The freedom of speech and the freedom of thinking seems to be just one-directional

No negative response expected, which can be explained as only a positive response, depends on the auditor.

The WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM yearly meetup in DAVOS means among others one week that saves the year in the economy of the small city or village of DAVOS. This year it would be held just or mainly online which means no profit for hotels, bars, restaurants, taxi services, airports, and many more services provided during the regular event. I do wonder if the WEF membership fee did reflect the change 60.000 to 600.000 USD/Year is an amount in which members expect more than just another “cold call”.

Since the last DAVOS meetup, the world leaders promised to invest more than 10B USD into sustainability. No results are visible.

Since 2013 when I began the WASTELESS WORLD JOURNEY by introducing the first systematic waste prevention methodology, more than 50B USD should make the world more sustainable, but in fact, the situation was worse and worse with every year.

I just wonder what will happen if instead of wasting billions would be people who deliver results granted tens of thousands to grow and scale their businesses and benefits that deliver the change.

I am sure, it is the right time to change

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe




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