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a way how in short time deliver the best presentation that makes you rich or popular, but have you ever thought that majority of the elevators today act the same way they acted hundreds of years ago? The same is not the material, technology sometimes even the shape, but the principles

Heavy “stones” create the counterbalance and are connected with the cabin, they PULL YOU UP or let you go down slowly

It become so popular that students learn how to deliver from teachers who never did but know the theory best.

Events like TEDx monetize every speech many times



Investors love the elevator pitch because in the shortest time possible they identify the best and easiest prey.

With the victory frequently the cup of poison is being served, to get the body used to promises and pledges creating dreams where only nightmares will appear later.

We reach the stage in which the CUP OF POISON is celebrated the same as once the RUSSIAN RULETE.

The best SUPERSTARS are born after presenting the check or just the number


from Billons to …

The number of ZEROES is the indicator of the power of applause and instead of harnessing the energy of one hand to touch the other with increasing speed and force, the hands just wait to deliver exquisite cuisine into the mouth of the owner.

Well dressed, according to the dress code, bold heads present bold purses filled with money and time stolen by others

No amount is too high, and no delivery time is too short

And the slaves receive live streams of the GIANT feast

Celebrating the Eminencies reminds me of a song by RENF, from 1974

Nach der Schlacht war’n die grünen Wiesen rot.
Nach der Schlacht war’ n viele Kameraden tot.
Und man stellt sich auf das verblieb’ne Bein,
und man meint, das müsse der Sieg schon sein.
Und man meint…

Feiern den Sieg der Revolution
die Amputierten auf der Station
billig der Wein,
doch sie gießen sich ein.
Kamerad, ist nicht schad’
um das Bein -
musste sein,
Kamerad …

Vergossen viel Blut, doch gewonnen die Macht
und die Schlacht um die Macht war die letzte Schlacht.
Nun wird der Mensch fein menschlich sein.
Kamerad, ist nicht schad’,
um das Bein musste sein, Kamerad.

Aber auf einmal bricht ab der Gesang,
einer zeigt aus dem Fenster, da spazieren sie lang,
die neuen Menschen, der neue Mensch,
der sieht aus, wie er war
aussen und unter’m Haar
wie er war …

Kein Paradies, Kamerad, wird es sein,
der Mensch wächst sehr mühsam und nicht von allein
in diesen großen Mantel der Macht.
Um das Bein, wär’ es schad’,
schlügst du nicht, Kamerad,
noch die Schlacht …

Nach dem Sieg war’n die grünen Wiesen rot.
Nach dem Sieg war’n viele Kameraden tot.
Und man stellt sich auf das verblieb’ne Bein,
denn die Schlacht wird viel, viel länger sein…

I have it on the door of my room as a student, long time before the VELVET REVOLUTION that ended what begun years before I was born.

The last WASTLESS WORLD TALK came from KEVIN the information that the MEDALS OF HONOR has been invented to keep people happy without the need to spend money.


This is the price of HONOR

Instead of publishing this chapter on January 15, 2024, I decided to publish the same day as written

The reason is the short memory of the man

Memory that gets shorter with every single CUP OF POISON consumed

Do you want to lose all?

just drink


My name is Michael Rada, I am a HUMAN


Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free, and live in HONOR of your deeds and work delivered

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0