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3 min readOct 15, 2020

I just finished a wonderful meeting in my WorkPlace with one of my business partners. We discussed many topics and one of them, to which we returned again and again was the financing of SCIENCE & DEVELOPMENT activities.

He participates in the furnishing of one of the new Science centers in our city. A center that cost ONE BILLION Czech crowns and he was surprised that not a single piece of equipment, not a single chair, table, or lamp have arrived from the on-the-ground-mines, upcycling, INDUSTRY 5.0, or any other waste prevention project. ALL NEW and in few cases the NEW was not NICE ENOUGH so it was thrown away and a new item was purchased instead to satisfy the owner.

CORE BUSINESS is one of the leading reasons for wasting

Not in direct relation but indirect but with a much bigger impact than you will ever consider it can be achieved.

On March 13th, 2014 in the third of my English articles in my blog I shared what was in the understanding of one late first-time entrepreneur CORE OF SUCCESS of my work. Today I read it again after six years and I am happy I left the message online for I think it was the right way.

CORE of a BUSINESS defines how the business and all people involved would behave, which aim they will follow, what they are paid for.

SOmetime you would be surprised the same as I was many years ago, the same my visitor is surprised today, so let us answer the question today



Am I right?

If it is so, let us ask another question



Are you the same opinion?

I think and feel the majority of you agree with me and I am happy for this is a good sign we do speak the same language, the language of efficiency and this is important

Have you noticed, that the answer on the first, so as on the second question did not contain the words “DELIVER RESULTS”?

Yes, you see it right. Same for Scientists so as Politicians, the core business is the process, but not the results and maybe this is the reason why delivering results is not as important as long-term scientific work or political presence and speeches.

Do you know what I talk about?

Do you see why we have to wait for so long for a change that can be done from one day to another? Do you recognize why there will be never enough money and time that are needed?

CORE BUSINESS is the hidden decision-maker, the puppet-master.

When I firstly find out the reason for the ignorance and resistance for the change I was very surprised and can´t believe it. Today, seven years and several hundred projects later I know it is the reality which I so as all of us have to face and be prepared for.

It put a very different light on many businesses

I hope you will remember my words before you trust your money and belief to someone whose intention is to deliver the very opposite then you expect and WASTE INDUSTRY is one of the good examples



Michael Rada

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