Michael Rada
3 min readDec 3, 2019

Next COP finished. Applause resonates next arena. Smiling faces, cheering crowd, Presidents and Leaders sitting back into their planes, cars, boats to go to next destination on their tour.

Papers signed

Certificates issued

Well done, mission completed

Same as in Paris, New York, Katowice, Madrid

CONFERENCE OF PARTIES, COP — Under the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, every country on earth is treaty-bound to “avoid dangerous climate change”, and find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally in an equitable way

You read right 1992

Nice pink table

The GUARDIAN explains all

It seems like all is solved.

It seems


nothing except of further wasting happen.

It seems like the COP is the climate strike for those who prefer to dress well, eat well, drink well, enjoy the time in climatized halls and hotel rooms and there is one more difference. The salary.

The people on the streets do not get expenses covered. The people on COP conferences do, all including the salaries which frequently reach far above the standards.

COP conferences become new folklore

Dances and Songs exchanged for words and speeches aiming WHAT MUST BE DONE.

Never-ending happiness.

I am sorry to disturb you, but did anyone look out of the window? Do you see the walking man looking the same as before?

Since the beginning of CLIMATE CONFERENCES, the situation gets much worse. Full megacities are choking on the smog. Ice is melting, rain and drought kill more than ever before and the only result you can touch is the manifesto or memorandum on the walls.

GOALS which looks great, but do nothing more.

Every new COP conference generates more carbon emissions than country capitals, wasting more food and water than local homeless would be able to eat in one year.

I am sorry, but the UN IS WRONG, they way it behaves proof the GIANTS ARE BLIND.

This is what shows up at the moment when I clicked on the COP25 official website on the media/NEWS

This is the best description of the true COP impact on climate


Who am I to call for change?

Michael Rada — HUMAN



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