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5 min readNov 28, 2021

On the door of my office, there is the following sign, just above the growing handwritten list of global INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS

Every single name was carefully written by my hand on the day when the AMBASSADOR join the network. There are 78 of them at the moment, but soon the number will grow again.

Many visitors ask me about the meaning, so I explain, and after no confusion is left. Few visitors told me that they wrote the same in their offices and one, that he did so in the company MEETING room, which reminds him, so as his colleagues and visitors on the fact that the company is not sticking with the old ways, but is the forerunner and pioneer of the new ways.

I use in the header the screenshot from one of the latest INDUSTRY 5.0 POLLS. Poll that rise confusion between the LINKEDIN members

The INDUSTRY 5.0 polls deliver very interesting insight into the world of LINKEDIN users and frequently do deliver a very clear answer to the question asked, like in this case

In the case of “17” poll some of the answers are following (share by keeping the anonymity of the voter)

  • The numbers lack units and without units it is not possible to answer correctly.
  • what is the question?
  • you could said that 1 obstacle is nor higher than 17…
  • A single goal is stronger than 17 goals
  • I felt challenged…

These are just a few answers of many delivered

Answers so as voters coming from all over the globe. 48 have the title Professor for example.

I am happy that the question is challenging, it should be like all the questions. Questions are being asked to challenge individuals or groups, to think, and if “STRANGE QUESTIONS” come AI and MACHINES do struggle because nobody ask similar before.

Let us use the “17” CHALLENGE to learn HOW TO ASK because 5times WHY does not deliver the answer and does not build up creativity and curiosity, just frustration and anger.

Let us use the “17” CHALLENGE to learn how to search for answers in the blue ocean in which nobody swam before.

Let us use the “17” CHALLENGE to become children again opening our minds and looking at the world with the eyes which see everything for the first time trying to understand what they see, what they hear, what they smell and feel, without the answer being delivered by others.

Every week more and more people visit my profile searching for informations and answers related to INDUSTRY 5.0, here is the result from last week in November 2021

All over the globe, companies, corporations, individuals, politicians speak the name of INDUSTRY 5.0, many do because it sounds so fashionable, others because of believing the lies of those who discovered that without their help and support become INDUSTRY 5.0 one of the top ten industrial trends of the decade and century

“17” seems to be clear and simple until you take it in your hands

and start to turn it round like a cube or many cubes at the same time

I hope and believe not only this article, but the entire “17” CHALLENGE will change everyones view on “JUST ANOTHER NUMBER”

I am looking forward to deliver the new view to pupils in the schools. To theit teachers, to mathematicians, phosicians, scientists, economists, the rich ones so as the poor ones which lives hungry next to the full fridges and cabinets

sharing its images on social media

The author of the image did not count the bread, but I will not wonder if he come to number 17 as well, revealing next dimention of “JUST A NUMBER”

The author made the image next to “HIPSTER BAKERY” in his own city and despite liking te bread, he said in his post that he will never by his bread on a place where instead of reducing the price or sharing with those in need, the bakers and owners through their own bread in the waste container.

The biggest fail in this case in not the wasting of bread, as many will suggest, but the fact that the bakery will get penalty not for WASTING THE BREAD, but for WASTING IT IN WRONG WASTE CONTAINER, because this one is not for BIOWASTE.

The CONFUSING SEVENTEEN will soon start to be seen on more and more places and locations, be noted by media and after the first PUBLIC, POLITIC and INDUSTRIAL ROLE MODEL will join others will follow.

17 months is not 17 years

It is a time frame COVID-19 needs to change the world and learn half of greek alphabet


Starts soon and I hope to see you there soon

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0