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The name of INDUSTRY 5.0 is in everyone's mouth which would be great if the users will respect its origin, content, and principles that it does represents. Unfortunately, this is not the case and many use the fact that is gained on attractivity and interest since Decěmber 1st, 2015 when it was introduced with content for the very first time on a global scale.


Article title that does not change just my own life, but the life of many all around the globe and many lives would be changed in the future as well.

Already the title expresses the content of INDUSTRY 5.0 turning from the virtualization of our life into the physical presence of every HUMAN and all BEINGS on the planet.

The fact that more and more companies and organizations decided to discredit the name and principles which serve as the background and groundstone at the same time it feels to be the right time to CLAIM THE NAME RIGHTS back to the origin because, despite the fact that it can not be “patented” or “registered” according to the current legislation, the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IP) is linked to me because having published and linked the principles to the name first in the world.

As mentioned above, there are many who try to separate the name from the content, which is like separating the child from the mother or father. INDUSTRY 5.0 does not have Mother, only the Father, who carry it for 20 months before setting it and delivering it to the world as a child, but with strong roots that have been tested in a real-life application to be sure it will not only survive, but it will excel and will change the world by turning WASTEFUL into WASTELESS.

Exactly this try the PRETENDERS and THIEVES to avoid, because their own existence, profitability and wealth are based on WASTING of TIME and other people MONEY.

There are many PRETENDERS starting from individuals, over to companies up to organizations like European Commission.

There are many who say MONEY is needed to deliver the change. MONEY is needed to stop the CLIMATE CHANGE. MONEY is needed to start CIRCULAR ECONOMY. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

In fact, is money the last thing needed to the real change

The only needed part necessary for the change is THE WILL TO CHANGE and this will start with those who do not want to change and this is why they ask for money, which makes them rich.

This is why Sean O’Reagain delivers INDUSTRY 5.0 content without any relation to its origin and principles that build INDUSTRY 5.0 what it is now

This is why KEN FORSTER delivers a podcast about INDUSTRY 5.0 turning the FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN) into a sales tool to boost up the sales on DIGITAL, which makes rich him

so as his company and 18 members of the team

The behavior was rightly described by one of the professors of the LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY in INDIA during his speech at the world's first INDUSTRY 5.0 conference in 2022.

he asked the students and participants “WHO ARE THE BEST EMPLOYEES”

and gave them in a few minutes the answer


This is the truth that few like to hear because they feel misused and they have right in some way. On the other, it makes it clear that nothing is for free, and what si SOLD AS FREE is usually the MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM we will buy.

At the beginning of February 2022, I have the honor to be part of the first of several webinars related to PLASTIC WASTE in INDIA. I was invited to speak the topic from the perspective of INDUSTRY 5.0 which does

My part starts at 1:33:00 and ends up 12 minutes later.

Same as on all (or most) of the events, I was listening to the whole event from the beginning 05:30 AM CET ap to the end 10:30 AM CET to learn about the development in India, but not only there. I am happy that the keynote delivers different light to many including the professionals in the field. Zhe response was instant as you can see in the CHAT section



Many comments mention that finally they do understand why INDUSTRY 5.0 is being named THE FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN) and not revolution and many become part of the INDUSTRY 5.0 and my own network.

The idea that I am not building just a new methodology, but an entire new industry came from my clients in late 2014, early 2015. I spend a year looking for the name and defining the principles related to the work delivered already and when I published the BIRTH CERTIFICATE OF INDUSTRY 5.0 on December 1st, 2015 the immediate response indicate, that I choose right.

A few months later I realized that it was so good that first thieves came taking not only the name INDUSTRY 5.0, but the content and my words and screwing it up in a way, that it become a SALES TOOL. Published by the CEO of single-handed robots produce, being fuelled by marketing budget it becomes the reference for many who does not look for answers or solutions, but for content that can be copied and duplicated so that they get the money paid.

Not a single thieve have the endurance or even the intention to develop, what was easy to steal, so they just waited, paid ads, and waited until the true work would be done by someone else, by me, in hundreds of articles, keynotes, speeches, and meetings.

INDUSTRY 5.0 ORIGIN SO AS PRINCIPLES ARE GIVEN, and nothing will change, this is why I claim the name from a role of INDUSTRY 5.0 FOUNDER

The core task today is to FIND ONE MISLEADING link and inform the author or company that INDUSTRY 5.0 is not a sales tool or a buzzword, but a new global ecosystem introduced on December 1st, 2015.

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe, I have to prepare for the next webinar, this time to the students of the LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY in INDIA who asked me for a GUIDANCE TALK

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0