Michael Rada
3 min readOct 4, 2021

This number indicates the volume of crop that gets wasted before reaching the second stage of production. It sounds unreal unless you start to watch carefully and you enter the agriculture and food industry.

Incentives paid to increase the yield are being invested in chemical fertilizers and weed killers, that does not kill just the weed but all life on the fields granting that only selected plants would live there.

The result is “dead” soil in which “dead” crop grows in quantities that none is able to consume locally in the short time of harvest time.

Because of that many of the crop stay on fields or is being delivered to storage locations which let the next part get bad. The rest goes to landfills.

Speaking about the crop, frequently from the entire plant only a few percent of the body is being consumed and the rest once again is being landfilled or incarnated in the GREEN POWER PRODUCTION.

Instead of the feedstock for HUMAN or ANIMALS or NATURE and SOIL, dead bodies are being burned without consideration, that they can be used in different ways.

One of the biggest issues of this business model in which the man trying to prove to be better than nature is the fact that there is TOO MUCH AT THE SAME TIME.

TOO MUCH means trouble

Locally impossible to process or consume

Globally too expensive to ship on roads or on rails or on the ship, which took too long to reach the destination and the air cargo is too expensive and the planes can carry only limited volumes and weight.

At the SAME TIME in the other place of the world more and more people die because of hunger. With them die the animals that have nothing to eat.

As the President of the LOGISTICS ACADEMY, Mr. Jaroslav Bazala said


This is the reality from which we close our eyes

With INDUSTRY 5.0 projects we don´t follow the same strategy, on the contrary, we look under the carpets of industries to understand where are the new ON-THE-GROUND-MINES and what are the tools existing or under development or long forgotten, that can be used to change the situation without losing more time.

AIRSHIPS, especially CARGO AIRSHIPS represent one of the missing links to improve the situation and change the direction.

Able to carry up to 600 tons (30 trucks cargo) the new inhabitants of the sky would be able to move the crop from one place to another, including transport between continents much more efficient than any existing “transporters” or kind of transport.

On almost all continents the cargo AIRSHIP development already started and was boost up by COVID-19 planes grounding. It is expected that latest in 2025 the commercial application starts, but I think we will be able to see it happening already earlier because some of the projects are in the advanced stage already.

But before launch, there must be one step done


If we do establish a harmonized ecosystem in which systematic waste prevention will connect many with one and only aim


Cargo airships will be one of the tools of change, but to be applied in the right way, they have to be in line with harmonized processes.

I hope that with the growing number of people and companies who do implement the INDUSTRY 5.0 principles in their everyday life and work, we would be able to achieve a state in which WASTE would NOT BE TREASURE but a SHAME and in which the number of people who die Hungry and Thirsty will decline

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. AIRSHIPS should serve people transport as well and this is how it can looks like



Michael Rada

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