Michael Rada
4 min readFeb 1, 2021


For many years I see CARBON TRADING as a crime against the planet, nature, and humanity. For a long time, I point out that virtual relocation of “smoke” and emission from one place of the planet to another, did not in fact reduce the volume of the emissions and harm caused by them.

I saw all the time the ecological aspect, but recently I recognize one more fact


I think that this was its intention from the very beginning

This is why not ecologists, but economists proposed the carbon trading

Yearly more than 440B EUR are being traded

440 billion EURO change the owner with the support of banks, advisors, financial institutions leaving everyone on the go something to cover his or her cost related to the transfer and the work done by shifting virtual data from one place to another.

From one chimney to the next one

From one exhaust to the next one

Instead of promises result should be asked

Instead of decade filled with empty talks and wasteful behavior support should be delivered to those who do the work, not the talk

CARBON TRADING is in the existing form not what it says. It is not plaetary savior, but destroyer. It is truly the “WAGE KILLER” celebrated on each politic sustainability conference organized in palais and well airconditioning meeting rooms

In front of big flat sceens

Funded from the money collected from the virtual help to physical world. EUR collected in carbon trading.

The only blue sky on the screens and website backgrounds for so long already.

In the early 2020 it was not the CARBON TAX that make the air breathable and sky blue again, it was COVID, or better to say the fear from COVID. At the end of 2020 fear was turned to money again and …

Money of many become profit of few

It may not be a coincidence that CARBON and COVID start with the same initial letter, the behavior of decision makers and “world leaders” is the same so what about to implement COVID TAX when COVID TRADING alerady on the go?

We need to stop believing on the promises and lies about the environmental benefits of emissions trading and start really reducing emissions. Only so can HUMAN achieve intentionally what COVID achieved as a side effect.

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. despite the fact that my day starts between 4–5:30 AM and I have to do all steps needed to go to my work, I don´t turn the light on. At work the shine of my notebook screen is enough to deliver enough light for my morning work. All the rest is routine. This is how every day starts with preventing electric power to be wasted just for the comfort of one man.



Michael Rada

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