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2 min readNov 18, 2020

One day ago, before starting this article I have learned that the biggest of all deserts, SAHARA DESERT hide 1,8 million trees that have not been noticed by human eyes.

The following day, today one of the comments on LINKEDIN says there is enough drinking water on a planet, it is just 5 km deep. Generally, this information was given by a representative of a company producing equipment for deep drilling.

Both messages and great news connect inside of my brain and deliver one interesting thought.


There are just few small issues

  • Nobody saw the trees or drunk the deep drill water
  • Calculated trees do not produce oxygen
  • The “deep drill” water did not save anyone life from dehydration

I read the original article NASA published, I read again Czech translation and I did not found information that anyone has seen the trees with his or her eyes. I know SAHARA desert is huge, but we have satellite navigation, supported by supercomputer explanation so where is the problem?

Why did the people living in the desert do not take the benefit of the trees, why the seeds do not serve for other trees to grow, why SAHARA is still a desert?

More than two decades ago I have read a scientific article pointing out that under the SAHARA desert, a huge water reservoir exists, but until today, people, animals, and nature die in the same area because of the heat of the sun and absence of drinking water.

What will happen to us if we blindly trust the results delivered by supercomputers and presented by AI? We will not check the results, thinking computers are right every time. Who will recognize if not true?

Would there be anyone?

Should there be anyone?

You know very well which title is on my business card. You know well what I think about nature and the connection with us

Please think deep before you think again, no change is needed,


It may be different, and it is important to act before it is too late



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