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On October 17, 2022, I recorded and published a video in which I call ANTONIO GUTERRES Secretary-General of the UNITED NATIONS to start the process of dissolving the organization.

I did not call for fun, or to become in the spotlight of media, I call because the UNITED NATIONS does not fulfill the role to which the organization was created 77 years ago. Instead of protecting the rights of HUMANS, as declared in the GENERAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, the United Nations represent guards, and support the rights of the GIANTS, which broke every single right despite that remains a member of the UNITED NATIONS.

Same with those who meet to show up at a permanently increasing number of events that are being called and financed from a rich budget visible from 11 years of growing turnover which in 2021 reached 65,000,000,000 USD


The UNITED NATIONS is collecting money from member states and at the same time accepting donations from third parties. It runs many programs in which money and donations are being directly requested. The issue is not the volume of money collected, but the volume of money wasted without delivering any palpable results.

One of the topics the UNITED NATIONS should aim for was from the very beginning the WORLD HUNGER, but the number of people dying from food scarcity is permanently growing, not decreasing and the volume will reach record levels in 2023. At the end of 2021 ELON MUSK proposed in one of his tweets to donate 4B USD to end up world hunger (he did not keep his promise), the response of the UN chief responsible for the topic of HUNGER was THANK YOU, BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH


The same person is ignoring, in his role, for many years the possibility to implement SYSTEMATIC WASTE PREVENTION which will divert 75% of all crops and food “produced” from being landfilled to the tables of people who need to eat.

The same behavior presented by all UNITED NATIONS bodies, departments, and organizations which I have in the last 7 years contacted and offered solution

The same behavior was presented by ANTONIO GUTERRES the head of the UNITED NATIONS


Because he is a politician and the core business of politicians is not to deliver or implement solutions, but TO DO POLITICS and this is what he does, and infused this behavior across the entire organization. Instead of HUMANS, DINOSAURUS is delivering a speech to the UN MEMBERS, funded by UNDP

and the words of HUMAN are banned

Same on COP27 where all content related to INDUSTRY 5.0 was banned same as members of the INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS NETWORK

Since the call is ANTONIO GUTERRES on his way visiting countries all around the globe.

He is not flying like other passengers, he uses the UNITED NATIONS´ dedicated plane fleet, and after arriving at the destination he is being treated as a head of the state, which he is not complaining about.

Speaking for hungry ones, he is never hungry. Speaking of thirst, he has every time enough to drink. Speaking of the homeless, his accommodation is the best. The red carpet is rolled out not to make his shoes dirty.

His SOCIAL MEDIA Accounts are managed by hired experts, same as the photographs, videos, speeches, and clothing. All paid services which cost are covered by the UN BUDGET, same as the planes and fleet so the salary of 227,253 USD.

ANTONIO GUTERRES, head of the non-politic organization is the HIGHEST PAID POLITICIAN in the world according to an article published on October 22, 2022

He gains in just one year 75 mil USD and here we are speaking only about the official part of his wealth, he is a net worth of 215 mil USD in 2022. If you ask me if I believe all the content of the attached article, I do not, what I believe is the reason, why the secretary-general does not speak about his income and wealth and why he refuse to give away his role during the last election.

Just two days before the planned publication day I received the following E-MAIL named “WHY WE NEED THE UN

Send by robot and signed by the head of the UNITED NATIONS FOUNDATION Jill Isenbarger. The second sentence of the e-mail says the following:

It’s a moment to reflect on what the UN represents — the promise of a better, safer future for everyone, everywhere

And I just wonder if Jill realized that not even 77 years are enough to fulfill a single of these promises, this is why I send her my reply.

All indicate the need for change which I requested, unfortunately, in 77 years the issues become standard and habit and this is why not change, but the dissolving of old and starting new from the very beginning is necessary.



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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